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Critical review of Coroners Report - Essay Example

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Critical review of coroner’s report Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Continuity of care Continuity of care is largely taken to be a central objective in the provision of modern mental health service. This centrality arises from deinstitutionalization and the initiation of community care…
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Critical review of Coroners Report
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, discontinuities have been associated with adverse upshots. For illustration, suicides by people suffering from psychiatric disorders are attributed to lack of continuity of care (Bachrach 1981). Diana et al (2012) note that there is central agreement that continuity of care positively affect service users’ outcomes, although the relationships are not consistently covered. In addition, research on continuity of care and its relationship to outcomes have been hindered by lack of a unified definition of what constitutes continuity of care. Continuity of care for mental health services may be viewed from different points of view and ranges from intense treatment (hospitalization) to supportive interventions (outpatient therapy). Continuity of care is offered over a long period of time. The suitable medical, nursing and psychological services may be tendered within one organization or multiple organizations (Beresford and Carr 2012). The significance of continuity of care promotes stability, continuity, as well as comprehensiveness of mental health service to patients and maximizes the coordination of care and services. In the case of Liam john Wright, he was admitted in ward 2B and later taken from the ward to the secure acute observation area. Two weeks later, Liam was again transferred in a non secure ward within the mental health unit. It is apparent that Liam was taken in three wards in a period of two weeks. Continuity of care was hardly given to Liam as a patient necessitating such care. These transfers from one ward to another sufficiently show that continuity of care was not offered at the Logan hospital. With regard to Charlie’s case, an assessment was carried out to determine whether Charlie will be admitted to the emergency department ward. In Charlie case, only a single decision was made with regard to his admission. The doctor denied his admission to the emergency ward where he ought to receive continuity of care. In the case of Charlie, continuity of care cannot be adequately measured or evaluated as there is no evidence of it. The key goal of continuity of care is to offer treatment that permits patients to attain the highest level of functioning in the least restraining environment. In the recent years, there have been growing concerns that continuity of care should be multi-dimensional construct that should center on service users’ understanding (Hoult 1993). The reason is that the current measures of continuity of care tend to mirror a single aspect such as discharge from hospital (Hoult 1993). Apparently, little is known with regard to service users/ patients’ perspectives, main concern needs and experiences. Service user defined measures are a pertinent way of redressing the disparity involving survivor and service provider expertise. Having a service user defined outcome evaluation of continuity of care based on service users’ own definitions and priorities should help to place users; viewpoints at the heart of mental health services analysis. Mental state assessment Mental assessment of a patient suffering from psychiatry disorders ought to explore cognitive tasks in numerous domains. Some of the cognitive functions to be assessed are such as memory, visuospatial, attention, language, abnormal mood and delusions. In examining patient’s mental states, various tools like neuropsychiatric inventory, clinical dementia rating scale and executive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Review of Coroners Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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