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Funding the rising cost of U.S health care - Assignment Example

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The main purpose of the assignment is to critically analyze different ways of financing in the current healthcare sector of the US and accordingly, evaluate its impact on each individual receiving different healthcare services. Subsequently, comparing of two major areas of the…
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Funding the rising cost of U.S health care
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Download file to see previous pages The healthcare delivery system of the US has been voluntarily involved in response to the considerations regarding the accessibility, quality, along with cost of the health insurance services (Jones & Bartlett Publishers LLC, 2008). However, the continuous rising of healthcare costs has long been witnessed by the demographic groups can be regarded as a phenomenal concern of the country. Accessibility to the healthcare services has long been recognized as a key issue in the US healthcare system. Both the government and non-government insurance agencies are recognized to focus on developing their offerings in order to accomplish a significant growth for their institutions. The consolidation amidst the health insurance service providers in the nation, have been raising issues associated with accessibility due to their unabatedly increasing price and availability of quality based service facilities (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2014). The following figure details about the overall health insurance coverage of the total US population.
With regard to the above statistics, it is affirmed that the healthcare sector of the US has been undergoing an unsustainable condition due to the rising cost of healthcare services provided by both public and private health insurance institutions (U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2013; Shi, 2012). Medicare services provided by the institutions are likely to involve higher pricing strategies that often raise major issues for the population with minimum or considerably less income level. The Census Bureau in the year 2011 reported that more than 36% of US households living below poverty line were not insured. With reference to the total spending on healthcare and its insurance beneficiaries, the US spends approximately USD 2 trillion every year that can be apparently identified to be higher than other countries of the world (Wilper et al., 2009).
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