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Rising health care costs - Essay Example

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This essay describes a global perspective is offered to touch on the rising health care costs. All governments are fighting their way to find an amicable solution to this menace and at the same time come up with a grand plan to maintain high standards of health care services…
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Rising health care costs
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Download file to see previous pages The author asserts that the Australian government keystone weakness is to deliberately favor the rich leaving the poor out of the best Medicare services equation. This is contrasted by the contemporaneous condition in the United States affirming that the Medicare private medical insurance, the predominant vehicle for funding healthcare, has disadvantaged poor people. It's profoundly clear that the long-term fiscal balance will ultimately rely on the future rate of growth of health care costs. As per the given Medicare and Medicaid costs threshold statistics, if the rates remain in the same continuum as the past few decades, overall federal costs incurred on those two programs will elevate from 5% to the stated 20% by 2050. I strongly concur that the policymakers focus to simply compound this menace is the core impeding factor in controlling overall federal incurrence over the long run void of tabling an addressing the driving forces behind the elevated private and public health care costs. I strongly concur to different authors assertions that distribution of the health care costs throughout the economy does not necessarily solve the issue at hand, and that cost reduction strategy can be achieved void of compromising quality.Also, the assertion of getting rid of financial incentives and ensuring that patients health care expenses are covered by their insurance providers is a key way to reduce overall health care costs. The overall insight to combine all possible cost saving options available is not only viable but also practical. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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