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Medical Categories and Inclusion of the Aged - Case Study Example

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The paper 'Medical Categories and Inclusion of the Aged' focuses on human societies from most primitive to the most modern ones which are socially stratified in one way or the other. This stratification is based upon caste, class, creed, clan, community, tribe, socioeconomic status, gender, and age…
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Medical Categories and Inclusion of the Aged
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Extract of sample "Medical Categories and Inclusion of the Aged"

Download file to see previous pages Researches view aging as a universal phenomenon that exists in all cultures and societies of the globe. Though old age is assessed and estimated through divergent scales, yet the individuals crossing 60 years of age are stated as old people or senior citizens all over the globe. “Aging is”, Sijuwade observes, “judged by different criterion in different societies. The transition to old age is identified with several factors such as chronological age, ill health, retirement, physical/mental deterioration, and death of a spouse. Studies reveal that changes in social role (widowhood, grandparenthood, retirement) and physical health dominate the definition of age identity.” (2009: p 1) Special attention is paid to the cause of elderly in the contemporary era and disciplines of gerontological sociology and cultural anthropology have been established, which concentrate upon the study of life, culture and activities of the old people. As ethnography is a branch of cultural anthropology, that discusses human cultural traits in a scientific way, the older people also come in the fold of the study of aged. Political authorities and social welfare organizations aim to strive for the sound health of the population at large. It is therefore the concerns regarding the falling health and medical problems of the elderly are of great significance for them.
Governmental departments introduce new policies and revise them time and again for the welfare of the elderly. These social reforms, related to the betterment of the aged stratum, are not confined to one specific nation or state; on the contrary, the advanced countries en mass have adopted the same strategies for the uplift of the health of elderly.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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