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Role of Organizations in the Profession of Nursing - Research Paper Example

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This paper will analyze the overall strategies, healthcare initiatives, organizational structure, and demographics of The American Association of Critical Care Nurses in detail.  American Association of Critical Care Nurses is the world’s largest specialty nursing organization…
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Role of Organizations in the Profession of Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages American Association of Critical Care Nurses is the world’s largest specialty nursing organization, which represents the interests of more than 500,000 nurses who vehemently work toward the objective of providing care for acutely ill patients. The essence of the AACN mission statement is that “AACN drives excellence because nothing less is acceptable”. At the same time, its vision statement reflects that “AACN is dedicated to creating a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and families where acute and critical care nurses make their optimal contribution” (Ebright , 2010). I choose the AACN for this assignment because the organization exemplarily operates its critical care and it has won many awards for its excellence including The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Membership requirementsThe AACN offers six various membership options including active membership, affiliate membership, student membership, emeritus membership, international digital membership, and retired or disabled membership. The membership requirements are different for different options. The annual subscription rate also varies in accordance with the type of membership option chosen. History and demographicsThe AACN was established in 1969 and the first intensive care units (ICUs) were introduced in 1950s with intent to provide improved care to critically ill patients. The improved technological applications have assisted the AACN to place itself on the world’s top position.’s top position. Presently the organization has the power of over 80,000 members. The AACN members include 89% male and 11%female. Similarly, Caucasians constitute 78% of the AACN members. The current trend shows that the member strength of the organization increases day by day. Priority agenda items The AACN website says that “our patients, our nurses, our units” are the main priorities of organization. The scope of the AACN is to provide quality healthcare to its members by establishing a sustainable and healthy worksite environment. The AACN encourages effective leadership so as to promote worksite environments, which are “respectful, healing, and humane” (American Association of Critical- Care Nurses, 2011). The AACN works with other organizations to vie with common nursing care issues and establish a professional nursing practice. The modern trends indicate that the organization gives great emphasis on ambulatory care centers by employing more nurses in this sector. The increased vacancy rate of AACN indicates that the organization will suffer troublesome nurse shortage issues in the coming years unless it recruits adequate nursing staff immediately. Hence, the AACN has recently implemented a variety of programs for meeting its nurse staffing requirements. The main focus of the organizations is to meet the needs of its members whose family includes individuals who are acutely and critically ill. In addition, the AACN specifically emphasizes and advances nursing education through technology as the organization greatly promotes patient safety and improved care. Likewise, the organisation offers extensive payment concessions to its existing members, who completed a specific membership period, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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