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Interprofessional Relations in Social Work Practice Interprofessional collaboration is the process of creating and sustaining effective interprofessional functioning relationships with practitioners, communities, families/clients/patients, and learners to enable optimal health results…
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Inter professional Relations in social work practice
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Download file to see previous pages Different public service occupations came into being in diverse ways. Each has its own history, professional culture, career and training trajectories and ethical and value bases. Performance-linked drivers for interprofessional working rise from the transformations in the nature of the 21st century public services. The changes are driven by targets, necessitating greater budget accountability and good use of governance systems for client/patient safety. The 1980s witnessed the introduction of the notion that the customer of public services should be viewed as an active client with choices instead of a grateful recipient (Freeth, Goodsman, and Copperman, 2009). Initially, health services management models were based on the military systems; these systems were reflected in many workplace or industrial practices. It is important to state that it is a hierarchical/to-down model in which subordinate levels are offered and anticipated to carry out orders. The processes are connected to the class systems and the supremacy of practitioners from the high-status professions. Education and social work services were delivered in various ways, based on their setting (Freeth, Goodsman, and Copperman, 2009). ...
It widely suggested that collaborative working among the service providers gives professionals the capability to attain patient-focused and cost effective community care (Ross, King, and Firth, 2005). The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) was initiated in 1926 to observe employment conditions and to institute standards of practice in the profession. The association is active in IFSW (International Federation of Social Workers) offering leadership in the IFSW Executive and in the North American Region. It is crucial to state that CASW’s expertise is in social policy. In the national level, it has assumed a pro-active style to problems pertinent to social work/social policy. It creates and shares timely information for the members and special projects are established and sponsored by the association (Canadian Association of Social Workers, 2013). By joining appropriate territorial/provincial social worker’s institutions, social workers directly become associated with CASW (Canadian Association of Social Workers). Because of diverse membership, the association is capable of offering advantages and benefits linked with a professional institution, like insurance packages, which include disability, retirement and group life plan, and professional liability insurance. The position papers, reports, research projects, national policy, and the Code of Ethics are generated by CASW and can be accessed through the national office. The association also operated as a clearinghouse for the member organizations, offering information connected to social work practice and policy (Canadian Association of Social Workers, 2013). Ethical behavior is a crucial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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