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An examination of the role of inter-professional practice in contemporary social work - Essay Example

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The conception of an effective inter-professional collaborative practice in social work is described as a procedure that encompasses decision-making as well as communication, facilitating a synergistic persuasion of grouped skills and knowledge. The fundamental constituents of…
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An examination of the role of inter-professional practice in contemporary social work
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Extract of sample "An examination of the role of inter-professional practice in contemporary social work"

Download file to see previous pages al., 2011). An effectual inter-professional collaborative practice in healthcare system in social work generally takes place when health workers, belonging to diverse professional backgrounds, work collaboratively with the families, patients as well as the communities for the purpose of offering superior quality care to the patients (Collin & et. al., n.d.). There are certain imperative facets of an effective inter-professional collaboration or collaborative practice that include open communication, equality of available resources and the subsistence of autonomy where a poor form of inter-professional collaborative practice can impose adverse impacts upon the quality of care rendered to the patients through social work (Royal College of Nursing, 2007).
One of the important skills required in inter-professional collaborative practice to enhance the quality care for the patients is Inter-Professional Education (IPE). IPE is typically described as the students or the members engaged with several professions, either linked with social or healthcare backgrounds. This particular inter-professional collaborative practice facilitates effectual collaboration among the health workers and enhances health outcomes through their shared information or skills (AAMC, 2011). It has been apparently observed in this context that IPE offers a capability to share effective skills as well as dynamic knowledge between different professionals and facilitates better understanding regarding shared values. It also enhances respect amid different professionals’ in terms of responsibilities associated with healthcare (Bridges & et. al., 2011). An effective inter-professional collaborative practice is typically regarded as one of the indispensable constituents of a better social work practice. In this context, it can be stated that the social or healthcare workers should remain much confident in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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