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Education of Professionals in the Light of the Changing Nature of Professional Practice - Essay Example

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This essay "Education of Professionals in the Light of the Changing Nature of Professional Practice" concerns the professional improvement of employees. Admittedly, professionals are considered to be the pillars of modern society in many areas, for servicing the needs of people using core values…
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Education of Professionals in the Light of the Changing Nature of Professional Practice
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Extract of sample "Education of Professionals in the Light of the Changing Nature of Professional Practice"

Download file to see previous pages The concept of a profession is a developing one and is not stationary. So, the definition should not be static defining just a few people as professionals. The expansion in the definition should indeed be made considering the criteria like core values and knowledge which will be discussed later on in this essay. This expansion is important because people involved in newly emerging professions like packing and transporting are also considered as professionals (Downie, 1990)
There is so much importance in the practice of professionals that the quality of a professional is dependent on the practice of how one exercises his or her duties following the ethical codes and must have sufficient concern for the society. For example, often the new technological developments by professionals are double-edged(Mike W..Martin, Roland Schinzinger, 2005). The advent of nuclear power has increased our power capability, but at the same time, it has posed atomic bomb threat. – briefly explain what you mean and try to give an example. This, in turn, can be managed by means of good training and education on ethical behavior and also attaining proper education should be viewed in all aspects and not just in attending courses or a mere qualification.
Governments, politicians and social activists take an active part in improving the quality of professionals’ practice (Becher, 1993). On the other hand, there are also objections from some communities over their value to their society, the way in which their projects increase the value of the society. Some projects may degrade the society very much, for example, the nuclear tests. – such as?. So, the process of building such quality in educating professionals requires a careful analysis and the work should proceed from the grass root level so that a solid foundation is laid in professional ethics helping all through their career. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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