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Accountability in Nursing Profession - Essay Example

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The well experienced trainers and HR managers often explain that we can train thousands of employees how to manage and administer things but we cannot make them accountable for what they are assigned and liable to…
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Accountability in Nursing Profession
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Download file to see previous pages It is an ethic that must be counted at very start of the management and HRM process. However, unfortunately the organizations today have no formal accountability strategy implementation. It does not mean that accountability is no more in today business, it is still in trends but the real spirit of the accountability is not being seen in organizational management. The organizations today are trying to accept the challenges of making them improved and advanced in providing the best services to their stakeholders, but the question is why we are accepting challenges, whey we are struggling to bring more improvements and why we should do this (Dealy and Thomas 2007,42).
The professional nurse accountability is an act of taking responsibility of what the nurses are liable and being expected to do regarding their profession that is directly and indirectly related with the client’s well-being and health. Several government, non-government and semi-government departments are imperatively implementing the accountability strategy within the organization specifically the health departments. However, health department is the most sensitive area of any business that purely related with the lives of people. From doctors to ordinary watchmen and sweepers, all are liable and accountable to the managers and head of department for each and every action without even prior instruction, duty and training. In our research paper we will discuss the professional nurse accountability, groundwork of the accountability and present and future accountability for nursing profession.
1.2. The Professional Nurse Accountability As mentioned above, the accountability is not only liable and considered necessary for the managers and leaders, but every individual in the organization is liable and accountable. It is an act to be responsive to something done by him/her or for what he/she is supposed to do. The professional nurse accountability is related to the responsiveness of the nurses to the peers, patients, oneself, his/her profession and to the society. The nursing profession is very much accountable and connected with society and nursing peers. The nurses are accountable and responsible for their deeds and responsibilities based on the code of nursing, nursing practice standards, development of nursing theory, educational requirements, and certifications. Different bodies set and design the standards for the health care and nursing profession and practice. This means nurses are accountable of different levels of responsibility from nurses. They have to be aware of each nursing profession standard, because everybody that sets the standards for nursing profession has their own standard to apply as well as the penalty to implement if these standards are not met. There is no single resource of accountability for nursing profession. When we in detailes focus on the accountability factor of the nursing profession, we see that there are more than one source to provide the different types of accountability for nursing practice. These types may come from the legality aspects, media platforms, agencies, government departments or councils of nursing and midwifery profession. All these resources bring major amendments and improvements in nursing profession accountability (Caulfield 2011). 1.3. To Whom the Professional Nurse Is Accountable? The nursing profession is very much compelled and accountable to grant the ample and proficient nursing concern. Therefore, it is the personal responsibility of the nurses to pay proper attention and care to sustain the aptitude in practice. Hence, this accountability act is necessary for the nurses for basically two major purposes: firstly, to develop, maintain and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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