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Research Topic: School Bullying 1 If there is a school issue that is so pervasive across cultures and geographical locations 2 around the world, it would be school bullying. In the latest and largest study about bullying in 3 the United States, the research found that 29.9 % of students had experienced moderate or 4 frequent involvement of bullying (Bauman 362)…
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School Bullying
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"School Bullying"

Download file to see previous pages Bullying can be done physically which involves pushing, shoving, hitting kicking and 10 punching or it can be done verbally through which involves name-calling, taunting, 11 threatening, ridiculing and insulting. In short, bullies do not only mean say things to the 12 victim but also say mean things about the victim (Marano 52). 13 Students who have experienced bullying cannot help but wonder why bullying exists in 14 school. Bullying makes life in school more difficult and it often constrict the movement of 15 students in fear that there will be bully who would annoy them if they go to uncertain quarters 16 in school. The fear that there is great likelihood of being bullied in an unknown area in the 17 school is real because it is outside of the student’s comfort zone and the uncertainty of the 18 area yields a probability of an existence of a bully. Bullying is the most prevalent form of 19 violence in the schools and the form that is likely to affect the greatest number of students 20 according Batsche, such it is not a remote possibility that bullies exist in places that has not 21 been zoned as “bully free area”. ...
Basically, everybody can just 26 be friends with anybody if bullying will become extinct. 27 Any attempt to remove or stop bullying in school requires understanding how come there 28 are bullies in school in the first place. Are they really part of school life that everybody has 29 to live with or the structure of the school just breed bullies? Are they freak of nature or are 30 they just part of life? Behavioural experts have an explanation why there are bullies. They 31 trace it to the childhood of bullies when they are still toddlers and preschoolers. 32 Behavioral experts and psychologists surmise that behaviours which includes bullying 33 can be be rooted in the early stages of childs development. The childs early disposition and 34 how he or she brought up in a given environment have a far-reaching conseques in their 35 adulthood functioning (Mallinckrodt 458). Equally important in the formation of the child’s 36 functioning and social competency in adulhood is the parents’ influence (Saami 1510). This 37 early disposition of a child, the environment and his or her parents influence will determine 38 the child’s social competency in the future and will determine the child’s interpersonal and 39 interactional skills and relationships in the child’s adult life. In short, bullies are a product of 40 their environment, parent’s upbringing and early emotional disposition. 41 From pre-school, children starts to have awareness and this awareness begins when the 42 child begun to grow awareness about emotions of himself or herself and begun to interact 43 with peers. From here, a child learns about emotional knowledge or the ability to assess the 44 emotions of others based on contextual and expressive cues. This is also the time that the 45 child learns ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Differences of Perceptions of the Amount of School Bullying Between Students and Staff
The data for this study was collected on the basis of students and staff polling. In accordance with the results, the teachers and the students did not have many points in common in relation to their positive or negative answers considering bullying. The students were involved in bullying on their school playgrounds. Staff members more often discarded the potential situations of bullying.
11 Pages(2750 words)Research Paper
School Bullying in California
It is estimated that 80% of adolescents are bullied during their school years, 90% of fourth to eighth graders as 15% of students bully regularly or are victims of bullying. If asked students uniformly expressed their desire that teachers intervene rather than ignore teasing and bullying (Barrows, 1998).
2 Pages(500 words)Research Paper
Bullying Causes School Violence
This paper aims to reveal that rampant school violence which have plagued the country in recent years have mainly been caused by bullying. As such, different examples and high-profile cases of school violence will be examined to provide a solid grounding on how bullying contributes to the proliferation of violence in schools. The analysis provided in this paper will also enable us to make sense out of why most children and young adolescent engage in bullying.
11 Pages(2750 words)Research Paper
School Bullying Research Paper
It is an activity used in schools for getting some psychological pleasure at the expense of others. According to a recent statistics, “1 in 2 students experience occasional bullying during any school term. Moreover, 1 in 4 students in primary school are bullied more than once or twice at least in any term”(Statistics on Bullying).
8 Pages(2000 words)Research Paper
Bullying in school
In order to attain this objective, it has examined a wide range of literature published on the topic. Besides, the research has obtained primary data by way of interviews and survey questionnaires that have been distributed among a sample population including students as well school staff and administers.
12 Pages(3000 words)Research Paper
How Does Bullying Impact School Success
According to the paper a number of challenges and defining moments characterizes school and college life, most of which affects negatively on the development of the student and the success of the school. Most of the acts are perpetuated by fellow students without the knowledge of the school administration resulting into extensive abuse and torture. One of the aggressive acts committed by students on fellow students is bullying, a pervasive act that has a number of both emotional, psychological impacts on the growth and learning of students.
10 Pages(2500 words)Research Paper
Elementary School Bullying
Students who faces bullying at this critical stage of their education are at risk of having esteem issues that if persistent, will have long lasting psychological effects in the life of the student therefore ruining their personality. Therefore, parents, teachers, students, and all educational stakeholders must make concerted efforts that will ensure an end to bullying so that elementary school can be a place where students’ personalities are shaped in a positive way.
5 Pages(1250 words)Research Paper
School Bullying in California
If asked students uniformly expressed their desire that teachers intervene rather than ignore teasing and bullying (Barrows, 1998). This is a cooperative learning technique
2 Pages(500 words)Research Paper
Bullying and Cyberbullying among High School Students
According to the report this hierarchy and power inequality leads to repetitive aggression towards the weak which is defined as bullying. Despite the fact that all people have witnessed the act of bullying at school at least once in their life, not all of them understand the consequences of this aggression for bullies and their victims.
4 Pages(1000 words)Research Paper
School bullying
First two paragraphs changed and elaborated more with a source attributed to them. The conclusion also changed with more action incentives by the ordinary people and specific actions that the organizations could undertake.
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay
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