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Identify Problems and Solutions Bulling in Schools - Essay Example

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This review of literature includes international research and examines the issues with defining bullying, its prevalence and characteristics of the bully and victim, as well as current prevention methods used to combat bullying…
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Identify Problems and Solutions Bulling in Schools
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Download file to see previous pages This essay approves that the effects of bullying can be both short and long-term, with some psychological scars often enduring for years (Lumsden, 2002). Pre-school children, not yet able to properly voice their concerns, will display symptoms that can be attributed as the effects of being bullied. These symptoms can include refusing to go to school, refusal to discuss how the day went and feigning illness. Crying for no apparent reason and reluctance to go certain places are also common effects. Between the ages of seven and sixteen years old, the symptoms and effects of bullying become easy to identify. While children this age are perfectly able to articulate themselves, sometimes they can decide to not to, because they are shamed, scared or fear further punishment. The huge fear and inner soreness that bullying causes can sporadically activate a violent and sudden outburst in sufferers when they get to their ‘hot point’ and just cannot take the agony any more. The sufferer may get dejected, depressed, and suicidal or even murderous.
This report makes a conclusion that research has also shown that students are reluctant to bring their concerns to the attention of teachers. In effort to combat this, a more organized approach needs to be taken among teachers when handling school bullying. If there is not a current approach to bullying existing in a school, teachers will continue to have varying responses to handling bullying situations, based on their self-efficacy, intent, and empathy toward the victim. Teacher assessments need be given, and programs need to be developed to enhance teacher self-efficacy and knowledge about bullying. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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