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Bullying in School Children Zenab Tamer Advanced 01 Doctor Weger Date Introduction Although it may appear as an underground affair, bullying is indeed a nightmare to many students who suffer under the intimidation of older ones (Garby, 2013). The situation is especially so in teenagers who are still trying to identify with various situations and aspects of their lives…
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Bullying in School children
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Download file to see previous pages To this extent, it is vital to mention that there are several forms of bullying in schools ranging from verbal abuse, physical, social, and cyber bullying. In this regard, bullying may either take a direct or indirect form depending on the circumstances and the environment (Smith et al., 2012). In schools, bullying usually takes a direct form of both physical and verbal abuse although it may take the form of social bullying usually over the internet. In this case, the villain could use such gadgets as internet enabled cellphones or computers to intimidate their victims (Salmivalli, Kaukiainen, and Voeten, 2005). Usually, the older students bully the younger and less powerful ones. When it comes to consequences, bullying has tremendous ramifications on the victims’ emotional, physical, and mental performance and therefore should be dealt with accordingly (Twemlow and Sacco, 2013). In this respect, this paper discusses the causes, prevalence, consequences, and solutions to school based bullying, particularly that involving teenagers. Prevalence of bulling among schoolchildren Usually, bullying occurs when two or more members of a peer group with a negative agenda instill fear or try to cause harm to a younger victim who normally possesses less power or strength (Srivastava, Gamble, & Boey, 2013). In this respect, it is important to note that the prevalence of bullying more so in schools has been on the rise in the past decade owing to various societal influence and upbringing factors (James, Lawlor, Flynn, Murphy, Courtney, and Henry, 2006). The aggravating factor in a bullying situation is the fact that the victim is normally defenseless although there ought to be policies in place to punish such acts (Twemlow and Sacco, 2013). With the definition of bullying taking various angles across the board, the prevalence of the criminal act as it may be called, ranges between 8% and 54 %. Additionally, these statistics normally vary due to the geographical and linguistic differences that may project varying definitions to the act of victimization (Packman, Lepkowski, Overton, and Smaby, 2005).. Although the collection and analysis of data pertaining to the prevalence of bullying in schools took place in Finland, it is appropriate to state that age plays a role in determining whether an act of victimization amounts to bullying (Garby, 2013). While there is no significant difference in the prevalence of bullying perpetrated by peers and those perpetrated by others in terms of percentage, it is important to note that the menace is on an upward trend that is raising concerns across the education spectrum (Srivastava, Gamble, & Boey, 2013). The most affected groups are the teenage peers who due to some misconceived ideas or simply revenge oppress their fellow students (Raaska et al., 2012). In this regard, it is understandable that teenage students who undergo the torment of bullying are highly likely to perpetrate the same vice to their victims (Garby, 2013). Besides, the boys are the major culprits when it comes to the identification of the bullies while the victims are indiscriminate. Normally, the percentages of the bullying predominance range from 10 – 30 % with gender playing a determining role (James et al., 2006). The older ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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