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It is not surprising that in the modern world of striving for ideal body proportions people who do not meet the norm can be prejudiced in some way, or even suffer from humiliation. Unfortunately, such a behavioral model of adults may be adopted by children with its further…
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Research review
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Download file to see previous pages m is accounted for the doubled figures of obesity among kids during the last two decades, and assisting the issue psychological and social aftereffects, namely: problems with the health due to the level of obesity, emotional incongruities (disturbance, depression, and low self-concept), problem conduct, and so forth. Victimization at all levels is another aspect of the problem. Impuberal overweight people face numerous wipes and indignity, including calling names, beating, and expulsion from affinity groups. This is the reality of overweigh children in primary and secondary school, with a particular difference of participation by boys and girls. The goal of the research is to consider whether there is a consequence between weight category at age of 7.5 and bullying implication in 8.5, in order to clear the situation with such a phenomenon as perpetration of obese children of both sexes.
Speaking in generality, the main hypothesis of the study is obesity’s impact, or rather direct correlation with the children’s perception by their standard weight peers. In particular, the main idea seeking for its confirmation or refutation is obesity’s results in victim status of obese kids. “…however, no priori assumptions were made on how weight category would affect bully perpetrator status” (Griffiths, Wolke, Page & Horwood, 2006). There is also another hypothesis, which is equally important for the realization of all aspects of obesity-bullying problem. It refers to the different level of involvement, as well as particular part or role in the process of treatment of obese children both by girls and boys from surroundings. Notably, there is a specific dependence of the way of perception of obese children on the sex of their peers, with consideration of a particular role of parental social status in common course of the problem.
The results show that there is an evident prediction of obesity to become the reason of bullying of two types, that is, overt bullying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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