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Motivation Strategies for the Employees of a Michelin Restaurant: an Increase or a Fall in the Michelin Rates - Dissertation Example

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The aim of this paper is therefore to identify the various motivational factors for the employees of a Michelin rated restaurant. Defining a Michelin rated the restaurant as an establishment contained in the Michelin guide which awards excellence to hotel industries…
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Motivation Strategies for the Employees of a Michelin Restaurant: an Increase or a Fall in the Michelin Rates
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Extract of sample "Motivation Strategies for the Employees of a Michelin Restaurant: an Increase or a Fall in the Michelin Rates"

Download file to see previous pages Motivation is, therefore, is important factors that contribute to the quality of a restaurants cuisine, and hence determine whether a restaurant will receive, one star, two stars, or even three stars. The other interest emanates from the quality of guests that Michelin rated restaurants serve. These organizations serve the very rich of the society, which includes presidents, politicians, senior businessmen, and successful sports personalities. On this basis, it is always difficult to identify what these people usually need in terms of the quality of a cuisine, the ingredients to use, the volumes of consumption, etc. On this basis, it is always difficult to handle these types of guests, and a small mistake in handling these guests might lead to a fall in the rating of the restaurant under consideration. For purposes of handling these types of guests in an efficient manner, then it is necessary for the employees of the organization to be well motivated. This will only occur if these employees are paid well, they have the necessary tools and materials needed to handle the organization's customers, and are always working under reasonable time. These motivational strategies will make the employees of the organization handle these guests with care, satisfying all their needs, and hence improving the Michelin rating of the organization under consideration. On this note, it is the interest of this research to identify and explain a specific motivational policy that will make employees of this Michelin rated restaurant behave in such a manner. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Motivation Strategies for the Employees of a Michelin Restaurant: An Dissertation)
Motivation Strategies for the Employees of a Michelin Restaurant: An Dissertation.
“Motivation Strategies for the Employees of a Michelin Restaurant: An Dissertation”, n.d.
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