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Statement of Purpose - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Statement of Purpose- The George Washington University After tossing various career paths one could stride to achieve professional goals I chose teaching. In 2005 at Healdsburg High School, California I started my career as an Information Technologies teacher…
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Statement of Purpose
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Extract of sample "Statement of Purpose"

Download file to see previous pages Currently I am teaching Economics, World History, US History, English and Senior Projects to the students at South Valley High School, Ukiah in California. My passion for education extends from teaching to the fields of curriculum and instruction. I wish to pioneer the curriculums and instructions of regional public education in the USA. Albert Einstein said “the only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” This quote shows the importance of adopting proper curriculums and instructions at the educational institutes. In lieu of technically illustrating my proposed research theme (i.e. mastery learning models) I would like to briefly outline my previous research project. I am enrolled in Master of Arts in Education degree at California State University since (year). A project proposal consisting 250 pages was complied and presented to the staff at South Valley High School, Ukiah in California in (year). It was designed to enhance the learning rates of the individual students and reach specific performance goals at given time periods. In mastery learning approach the responsibility of failing subjects by the students is significantly lifted from shoulders of the teachers. Furthermore, students are viewed as indifferently capable of learning the subject matter as opposed to the conventional belief that some students may lack certain cognitive skills. By providing them with appropriate environment, techniques, instruction strategies and adequate time all the students in a group ideally succeed in grasping the concepts and skills required for advancing into the next grade. The mastery learning project which I designed is currently implemented as the official teaching model in South Valley High School. It involves about 20 teachers and over 1600 students. Over the past five years the project was further developed and incorporated the issues identified in empirical application. It received wide acknowledgement from the principle, teachers, students and parents as an effective, systematic approach for building the curriculums and instructions at South Valley High School. The characteristics which can distinguish this particular model can be named as the using of contemporary technologies, game development and facilitating successful progress of all the students with standard deviation of ±1. Furthermore it allows teachers to better prepare for the lessons, set goals for each lesson and support disadvantaged students to effectively grasp the subject matter. Country’s education system can develop productive human capital to the economy. It can also completely annihilate the creativity and enthusiasm from young learners’ minds and academically paralyze the students. Thus Education and Human Development is a vital research field to any country. I am applying for PhD in Curriculum and Instruction degree at Graduate School of Education and Human Development of The George Washington University to serve the national education sector and develop effective teaching programs and learning manuals. Contributing to the growth and development of American economy is my ultimate goal. During the masters degree I had the opportunity to familiarize with the theoretical concepts in the field of education and human development. Furthermore, it provided me a realistic insight into the proposed research field. I am strongly interested in expanding my horizons at The George Washington University. I recently moved to Washington DC with my family. Now I am looking forward to permanently reside in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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