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Of purpose in Leadership to Catholic University - Personal Statement Example

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My name is Roba Riad Sulimani and I would like to acquire a Masters degree in Leadership at Catholic University. Your university has built its reputation of producing men and women who excel in their fields of endeavor. In my opinion, this university would be able to…
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Statement of purpose in Leadership to Catholic University
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Extract of sample "Of purpose in Leadership to Catholic University"

Good day. My is Roba Riad Sulimani and I would like to acquire a Masters degree in Leadership at Catholic has built its reputation of producing men and women who excel in their fields of endeavor. In my opinion, this university would be able to assist me better than any other university in helping me achieve my goal of becoming a better manager someday.
I took up tertiary education at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. I graduated with a Degree of Pre-school Education in 2006. After college, I was able to gain employment at Najd School in Riyadh. In a class, I usually taught 20 students. Since then, I have spent three years teaching children whose ages were between 4-5 years old. I consider myself lucky to have found a job where I could practice what I had learned in college.
As a teacher, I manifest my leadership abilities everyday by guiding my students in their in-class activities. Teaching pre-school children is both a very rewarding and demanding job. As many people know, children at the pre-school age are difficult to manage. It is an age where they are curious about everything around them. It is also the age where their personalities and characters are molded. When I was working, I managed to deal with all kind of children, and even some who have difficulties in speaking and very active children.
Communication was also an important factor when I was a teacher. I loved exchanging ideas with my students, their mothers and their close relatives often on a daily basis. This way I could take note of what needed to be improved or kept to make my students progress even more. I also talked freely with my director about my ways and skills in teaching and managing my classes. I appreciated the input my director would give me about my performance. I am a very organized person so I always like to manage and improve myself. This trait proved to be in my favor because our school principal always complemented my good work and this built my confidence in my abilities.
I chose to be a teacher for pre-school children because I enjoy studying about childhood and teaching. I found it interesting to work with kids at this age. As their teacher, I had to be patient yet firm with them at all times. I also had to be able to look beyond their tantrums, understand what they really needed and give this to them if I could. I feel that I have the ability to teach and lead students. I have a calm personality and I truly understand my students’ needs. Also, I hope this career will prepare me in the future when I have my own children.
I believe all the traits I manifest in my classroom are the foundation of a good leader. Patience, understanding and good communication skills are important to have so I could know what is needed of me and know what is needed by others from me. However, I am aware that traits alone are not enough. There are more skills I need to learn to be an effective leader. This is why in pursuing further studies I would like to focus more on honing my leadership skills. I dream to influence my students’ lives even more. This is my inspiration for studying at your school. I want to become the best guide possible for my students. Read More
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