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Catholic School 2000 - Essay Example

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Pope Pius XI had written this over 80 years ago and Catholic schools in Australia as well as around the globe have been given this edict to incorporate faith and education as a totality. There have been numerous church document that followed and the authors have taken excerpts…
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Catholic School 2000
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Download file to see previous pages he Catholic school to develop in the school community an atmosphere animated by a spirit of liberty and charity based on the Gospel.” (Flynn & Mok, 2000, p. 21) This formally states that Catholic schools must enrich the student lives in a religious as well as academic capacity.
The authors go on to quote from several other documents, most of which have the same intention regarding the leadership role that Catholic schools must take in their educational focus of religious faith. They also cite a passage from the a statement from the Australian Bishops’ Conference published in 1975:
The present document is offered as a contribution to the process by which the people of God in the Australian Church will search for the most authentic way to live the faith and the most effective means of passing it on to future generations. (Flynn & Mok, 2000, p. 22)
The second part of their article focuses on more recent documents further defining and delineating the role of the Catholic School, this is titled, “The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium.” (Flynn & Mok, 2000, p. 23) In general these more recent documents slightly softened the role of religion and represent the schools as part of the cultural inheritance of society as well. For instance in the Church document, ‘Lay Catholics in Schools: Witnesses to Faith’ (1982), the mission of Catholic schools is clear that they are to add to the culture around them and not dictate religious fervour. While still focusing on the gospels, “It strives to relate all human culture to the good news of salvation.” (Flynn & Mok, 2000, p. 23) Mission is an apt conceptualisation of the Catholic schools leadership roles, they are most akin to missionaries with an evangelical purpose to help and to serve the community as well as to open them to their faith. As stated it is an integration or synthesis of culture and faith. (Flynn & Mok, 2000, p. 26)
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