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EDLE 639: Assignment 1 – Analysis of School Governance Introduction In the year 2000, there were total 429 catholic secondary schools on Australia. Out of them, 283 schools were run by regional, diocesan and parish catholic education authorities and rest of the schools were run by religious congregations…
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EDLE 639: Assignment 1 : Analysis of School Governance
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it can be stated that the number of regional, diocesan and parish secondary schools are 278. There are huge differences between the State Catholic Education Offices and various types of school boards. Discussion This part of the essay will discuss about the governance that is maintained by the Catholic Schools. Moreover, it will evaluate the practice and challenges of leadership management. Governance Governance is the new term in the circle of Catholic Education. This term has achieved huge acceptance since last ten years. Governance can be referred as the exercise of the control or authority which can be referred as the management practice. Governance of a school is all about the moral and legal responsibility for overall stewardship of the school. Governance of a school helps the institution to decide its mission, vision and institutional value. Generally, governance follows federal and state civil law (Leavey, 2000). Effective governance helps to protect financial stability and accountability of an organization or an institution. However, governance of a particular catholic school basically implies the above aspects. However, the governance of Catholic Schools needs extra foundational principles and dimensions. According to the Vatican documents, the Catholic Schools are the part of Church’s teaching mission. ...
Several analysis have been done in order to understand the applied the governance model of several Catholic schools. At the moment 18 catholic schools are following shared ownership model. This model is highly effective and can maintain organization environment. However, effective governance needs to be developed and followed by the institutions (Chait, Ryan &Taylor, 2004). It can maintain the stability of the institution. There are different ways to understand the concept of governance. Several writers have presented different models of corporate governance. These are structural model of governance, ownership model of governance, the holistic model of governance and the functional model of governance. The characteristics of the ownership model of governance have been discussed below. According to the ownership model of governance, the ownership is shared in a Catholic school between a diocese and congregation. In this model the ownership remains within the diocese and congregation. In case of rising conflicts the decisions are taken by the two parties and so there is less chance of getting exploited. Therefore this model can be effective in school governance practice which will contribute in drawing efficient management practices as well as deal with the challenges of leadership. The impact of governance on the board is the reflection of the local state or congregation Catholic education policy. However, John carver, Mary Benet McKinsey, Kathryn Grent and Patricia Vandenberg are the four writers who influenced the school board movement in Australia (NCEC, 2002). Catholic schools in Australia maintain government regulations based on policies and laws developed by churches. Governance in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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