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School Profiler - Assignment Example

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School Profiler Assignment Instructor Date School Profiler Assignment Section 1 School profilers are essential in allowing students and teachers know whether they are meeting their proficient requirements in their performance or not. This discussion is a review and an analysis of various aspects such as major accountability indicators for K-12, CST, CELDT, CAHSEE, AYP and API among others at the Centennial High school…
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School Profiler Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, the school performed poorly in the category of English learners with only 15% of students passing CAHSEE in 2011 while 13% passing the exam in 2012 (School profiler, 2013). In 2014 the subgroups that required focus in their Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) was the socioeconomically disadvantaged. They failed to meet their target of the proficient requirements in Language arts. The group also failed to meet their target in three consecutive years- 2011, 2012, and 1013 hence attracted attention. The group also failed to meet its targets in Mathematics in 2011 and 2013 and this was enough reason why the group required attention. Furthermore, socioeconomically disadvantaged groups still failed to meet their target in 2013 in their Academic Performance Index (API). The other sub groups met most of their targets in the three consecutive years. The school did well in Language arts specifically in the areas of RFEP. For instance, the number of students that passed was 90% in 2013, 87% in 2012 and 89% in 2011 (School profiler, 2013). Some grades performed better than others especially in the California English Language Development Test (CELDT). For instance, in advanced level, grade 9 and 11 performed better than grade 10 and 12. In early intermediate level, grade 12 did better in 2012 than other grades by scoring 23%. Performance in CST and CAHSEE exams varied among the grades in school. Between the two exams, it was evident that most students performed better in CST than in CASHEE. For instance, in the Language arts exams of 2013, only 21% of the grade 12 students passed the CAHSEE exam (School profiler, 2013). RFEP program was best-performed category while English learners recorded the least progress in Language arts. The school performed well in Mathematics led by the RFEP students. There are also variations in performance of Mathematics among the grades. For instance, in Algebra I, in 2012 grade 11 recorded the highest performance of 5%. Performance in both CST and CAHSEE exams tended to record variations. There were fluctuations in the results over the years and among the various groups of students. Out of the various groups and programs offered, the program that experienced progress was RFEP which recorded high level of students that scored highly. The least program in making progress was the special education students program, which saw only 26% of the students pass the exam. Sciences and social sciences were also part of the subjects done by students and whose result was provided. Sciences are many and included Biology, Chemistry, Earth science and Physics. The school did well in science and social sciences. Performance varied across the grades in different exams. For instance, in 2011, performance in Biology varied between the grades. Grade 9 students scored 76%, grade 10 scored 34% and grade 11 scored 37%. Such scores were replicated in other sciences and social sciences over the years (School profiler, 2013). There was fluctuation in performance in some of the science subjects. The science subject that recorded the most progress was Physics at an average score of 62% while the subject making the least progress was chemistry. Most of the students across the grades record low performance in Chemistry. The school did w ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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