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Commercial - Assignment Example

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For that reason, creativity should be encouraged in all levels of education because with the ways things are changing people have to find new ways of doing things…
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Commercial assignment
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Extract of sample "Commercial"

Commercial assignment Creativity is defined as when a person comes up with new ideas that are valuable to the society.Creativity varies from on field to the other and as long as it is nurtured, it becomes beneficial to the society. For that reason, creativity should be encouraged in all levels of education because with the ways things are changing people have to find new ways of doing things that will ensure that they bring food to the table.
This may only be achieved if the teachers allow their students to be creative in class and correct their mistakes because they will allow them to make the mistakes (Robinson).
In the video by Ken Robinson, the most good or interesting thing he states is on how schools are killing creativity in that teachers do not encourage their students enough.
For example, when a girl in the art class draws a ship the teacher asks what it is and the student responds that it is God.
Instead of the teacher encouraging, the student he states that nobody knows what God looks like (Robinson). This statement by the teacher indicates that the teacher does not believe in the creativity of the students they teach.
Additionally, they discourage creativity at the same time because the main aim of the student to go to school is to get encouraged and motivated to be whom they want to be in future.
Another interesting thing about the how schools kills creativity is the sense that, schools do not allow people to make mistakes in schools.
Mistakes are most essential things that people should make to help them learn. This is because as it is often stated people learn through mistakes and for that reason, children should be allowed to make mistakes to help them to make them better and creative.
The story of Jenny is also interesting because although she was disturbing teachers in school because she could not sit upright all she wanted was to dance (Robinson). However, the teachers did not see this potential or her creativity, but when the doctor realized it she made Jenny’s mum enroll her in a dance school.
By so doing, she becomes a ballet dancer and a millionaire as she was allowed to be creative and to have her own way of thinking.
Education is becoming dynamic and people with degree are no longer recognized in the society as they used to and for that reason, the only thing that will help the younger generation is by becoming creative.
30 second commercial
A student enters in class to attend a lecture where they are all required to have personal computers. However, when James takes a sit she does not have any computer or any backpack to indicate that he might be carrying one. The teacher becomes furious first because he is late and second he is going to distract the other students as they share on PC. The lecturer points him out and asks him to leave. He asks the reason the teacher is asking him to leave and the teacher states that he will distract the calls if he shares the PC. He responds by removing a slim tablet from his pocket that has better features and that is more portable than the laptop. Everyone in the class is surprised and after class he show cases the features of the Tablet to the other student who in turn call the provider for a piece.
Work cited
Robinson, Ken. "Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity | Talk Video |" TED: Ideas worth spreading. Rolex, Feb. 2006. Web. 19 Nov. 2014. . Read More
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