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Impact Of Educational Systems On The Creativity Development - Essay Example

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Education has always been viewed as an important aspect of life. The paper "Impact Of Educational Systems On The Creativity Development" discusses the fact that most of the education systems are grade-centric with little focus on nurturing the learners’ innovativeness and creativity…
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Impact Of Educational Systems On The Creativity Development
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Extract of sample "Impact Of Educational Systems On The Creativity Development"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the reforms are also aimed at ensuring that students are taught in an environment that could promote their talents and creativity and not just be focusing on grades.
Kaila (2005) argues that while education systems have been in existence for many years, most of them have been grade-centric with little focus on nurturing the learners’ innovativeness and creativity. Nevertheless, Mantel (2005) reports on new legislation in the education systems that address these needs. Particularly, the No Child Left Behind Act has been seen as being quite instrumental in ensuring that teachers work towards raising the performance of all students. While the legislation is arguably a great move towards raising the quality of education, several critiques observe the legislation’s focus on standardized testing cannot effectively tackle the problems affecting the American education system. It is hoped that there will be more educational reforms that will, among other things, lay emphasis on identifying and supporting unique talents among students. Such a move will create a favorable environment for identifying new talent and creativity among students and will, consequently, help in building holistic students (Geist & Hohn, 2009).
The tremendous increase in the world population has led to more problems and demand for more services. In order to provide solutions to these inherent problems, Grazer (2013) observes that there is a need for creative and innovative solutions. The high competition in the workplace also demands creative employees with the ability to tailor their offerings in accordance with the needs of the customers. The challenges facing the society also need creative and innovative solutions. As a result, there is a great demand for creative individuals in almost all spheres of life, hence the need for education systems to focus on churning out holistic students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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