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The impact of online courses on education. You might focus on a particular field of study for this choice I would focus on business - Essay Example

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Education process has been very vulnerable because of many ongoing issues in the development process of students. There are controversies and debates recorded supporting the traditional method of…
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The impact of online courses on education. You might focus on a particular field of study for this choice I would focus on business
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Extract of sample "The impact of online courses on education. You might focus on a particular field of study for this choice I would focus on business"

Download file to see previous pages Online education is one of the most important alternatives that can provide students time and new ideas for business oriented decisions. This essay will discuss about the impacts of online education on Master of Business Administration.
Online education has been doubted by many people because of the change in the educational trend (Green, 2000). In the modern world Online education is accepted by students because of various reasons. Students who choose online education courses mostly belong from middle or lower class group and they prefer to work while they are studying. Master of Business Administration is a course that is available for business studies. Students participating in M.B.A. mostly have a tendency to become young entrepreneurs.
Online educations have been able to shift the paradigm that has helped students to think in a creative manner because they are exposed to numerous knowledge forums rather than a single opinion of a particular text. Education should focus on business for solutions to its problems (Levy, 2003). Education does not simply mean a classroom with many students and a faculty standing in front of them. The implementation of technology is a positive way to achieve educational goals. Students getting knowledge through online education also get the support of faculties online. There are course materials provided to students through online web sites that offer the courses.
In the traditional class-room there is a lack of innovation despite of prescribed texts and support from online materials. (Pierce, 2007) Students who go to college and sit in classroom have notion that they have to complete the syllabus provided to them in a stipulated amount of time but the creative thinking in the mind of students do-not get proper space to boost up. M.B.A. is a course that helps students to understand the working of organizations. The job profile and responsibility of an employee is well described in the course ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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