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Perception of Students' Regarding Online Courses - Essay Example

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Topic: Perception of Students’ Regarding Online Courses Abstract This research aims to explore the perceptions of the students regarding online courses that they are enrolled in. The review of available literature has revealed that though there is an increase in the number of online courses offered by universities across the globe, there are also challenges related to the adequacy of the content, delivery mode, use of technology and overall course efficacy to lead to similar career opportunities as students who graduate through regular courses…
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Perception of Students Regarding Online Courses
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"Perception of Students' Regarding Online Courses"

Download file to see previous pages The findings reveal that students largely consider their online courses as of good quality, but there are concerns regarding the future career. Research findings also highlight that course content need to be made more easy and sufficient to facilitate better understanding and the website need to facilitate easy navigation and better interaction so that the students can remain engaged with the material and be motivated to study. Topic: Perception of Students’ Regarding Online Courses Table of Contents 1. Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 2. Literature Review------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 3. Research Methodology------------------------------------------------------------------------5 4. Research Findings------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 5. Conclusions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14 6. ...
s’ on the Sufficiency of the Content-------------------10 Figure 3: Perceptions of Students’ on the Contents’ ability to Engage and Interest--10 Figure 4: Perceptions of Students’ on the Website Navigation----------------------------11 Figure 5: Perceptions of Students’ on the 24-hr Availability of the Content-----------11 Figure 6: Perceptions of Students’ on the Content Interactivity--------------------------12 Figure 7: Perceptions of Students’ on their ability to remain self-motivated and disciplined---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13 Figure 8: Perceptions of Students’ about their Career Prospects ------------------------13 7. List of Appendices Appendix A: Survey Questionnaire-----------------------------------------------------------15 8. References--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 1 Topic: Perception of Students’ Regarding Online Courses 1. Introduction The rapid proliferation of Internet and improvements in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have made it possible for students to access and enrol in courses offered online by foreign Universities. While this has large scale implications for the global education, it also helps students to obtain certifications and degrees in subjects and from colleges that were previously out of their reach. While there are a large number of Universities that offer online courses (Allen and Seaman, 2010), and there is substantial recognition of such online courses in the corporate world (Wanstreet, 2006), there are also several challenges inherent in the technology and the mode of delivery that impact the efficacy of the courses (Shi and Morrow, 2006). There are several problems related ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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