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Online Education - Research Paper Example

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The reason for that is quite obvious, as such kind of acquiring knowledge is pretty convenient, accessible, and often provides qualitative and well-structured laconic education.
The process of online education…
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Online Education
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Extract of sample "Online Education"

Download file to see previous pages the biggest segment of online education is covered by massive open online courses that provide people from all over the world with free and sometimes pre-paid online courses on multiple disciplines. These courses are collections of particular courses, previously learned by students of different universities (Mayadas, Bourne, and Bacsich 85). The professors who taught them in the universities also work for the massive open online courses’ services and read the lectures for everyone who signs up for their courses online.
Massive open online courses (MOOC) are internet classes with large-scale interactive participation and public access through the Internet, so learning content is available online to any person who wants to take a course with no limit on attendance. They are structured similar to traditional higher education courses (Martin 26), in which students watch lectures, read assigned material, participate in online discussions and forums and complete quizzes and tests on the course material. Nevertheless, MOOCs try to make the online education more effective than the traditional class room methods (Kolukuluri n. pag). Further claims have been made that short videos complement the optimal attention span of students and that discussion forums provide an adequate replacement of direct teacher–student interactions, which would be considered as normal for a class delivered on campus (Glance 5). MOOCs are typically provided by higher education institutions, often in partnership with “organizers” such as Coursera, edX and Udacity, though some MOOCs are being offered directly by college or university (as Stanford does).
The MOOCs’ constructions are rather similar from source to source, but let’s consider the structure of Coursera courses as an example. In the description of each course the level of required previous knowledge for its successful mastering is indicated. Many courses are available for the beginners, while other courses require the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Online education

... some advantages; whether it is saving a lot of valuable resources, like time and money, or being more convenient for certain students, online education does have an edge over traditional education. Students can log on from their homes and not have to spend so much time commuting to and from the institution, for instance, what is more the institutes do not have to spend so much money on infrastructure when the classes are online, resulting in lowered tuition fees. However, online education also has certain disadvantages. The students taking online courses do not have much, if any, social interaction with their peers, as they would in a traditional classroom, therefore, they might end up not only missing out on normal social growth, but most...
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Online Education

...are able to access and give their tests. However this new technology also brings with it other ethical issues of plagiarism and social contact. Online education is an inadequate alternative for traditional, classroom-based teaching for several reasons: there is no interactive communication between the student and the instructor, potential employer do not value online course work, class offering are limited, instructor feedback to the student might be delayed for days, and group projects are nonexistent. Discussion With the advent of modern technology, a forceful impact of this technology has been observed in nearly all walks of modern day life. With the increasing access to these...
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Online Education

... time residential model that ha been adopted across the world for higher education is becoming too expensive for most of the world’s population. This has led to some looking for alternative low-cost options to attending University and College. In the future, it is expected that minority students will outnumber white students on college campuses. People will require reliance on additional formalized education in order to advance or change careers, it is estimated that, in ten years, the mean cost for a four-year in-state resident at a public college will be $31,949.28 annually. Finally, a third of all students surveyed believe that students will take half their courses online (Adams & Patterson, 2011). Although the ides of online education...
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Online education

... and Lin 357). Online education is widely used by people aging between 30 years and above since they find it hard to be in a classroom with young people. In addition, online courses offer freedom to learners as they can attend classes at their own convenience. That is there is no time table as to the time and venue where the course will be taken. This makes it flexible and convenient to full time workers, employers, parents and any other person who cannot afford time to attend classes. Online education discriminates the poor who cannot access internet or computers at their homes (Rina 55). Since every development and advancement has both benefits and limitations, online learning has social, economic, social and technological limitations...
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Online Education

..., administrative needs and a direct contact between the student and the teacher. These unwarranted limitations of the education system had manifold and debilitating ramifications. Is it imperative for a learner to make efforts to somehow push his way into the premises of an academic institution and to be bound by the constraints of mandatory attendance and fixed schedules? Cannot it be the other way round? Cannot the contemporary education system evolve to be so flexible and pliable so as to reach the learners, wherever they are located? Luckily it is possible. Online education is the concept that can literally revolutionize the way people learn and teach throughout the...
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Distance Education (online education)

...the semester system or quarter terms in terms of their academic schedule and the learners are asked to submit assignments and projects via Web or e-mail. Most of the online courses are either instructor-led or instructor-facilitated courses. Similarly, the online education system offers opportunity for the learners to receive timely instructions, clarifications and guidance from the instructors via internet. In the same way, the distance education emphasise that education is a continuous life long process and even learners who are unable to attend regular schooling or on-campus programs can achieve various degrees at the Associate, Bachelors, Masters...
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Online education for the better. Though online education with the help of modern modes of technology translates into less student-teacher interaction, but the truth is that the merits of this mode of education far outweigh its demerits. Out of all teachers and students interviewed during the course of this research, majority coincided with online education giving logical reasons to augment their approval. It is a well-established scientific fact that some students are right brain dominant, while others are left brain dominant. While verbal lectures among other conventional teaching methods are more suitable for left brain dominant students, right brain dominant...
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Online Education

...helped the online education to become more resourceful and accessible. With more advanced input technologies like webcams, screen capturing software etc. the trainers able to record and upload all the helping material related to the course online. Students have the option to download or stream videos and helping material online. The latest technological advancement is virtual class rooms where instructor and students can communicate in real time by using live webcams and microphones (Allen & Seaman, 2011). Online education is a mode of providing educational information through internet on a personal computer rather than...
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Online education

...). This belief is because he believes that this will make the company abandon the old norms and head for immediate profits (“Michael Porter and Clayton Christensen Are Both Wrong about Finding the Future of Business Education”, n.d.). He goes ahead to explain a dilemma which are likely to exist from this kind of business where, the company may be stuck on two choices on whether to go up and compete with established companies thereby risking to lose the original business, or to come down and attend to the bottom market. However, viewing this from a rational point of view, the school cannot really close all other programs because it wants to adopt the online education. Like a business, it would like to engage in activities that will maximize...
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Online Education

...or negatively. In this paper, the pedagogical benefits and demerits of online education have been identified, and suggestions given on how both the learner and the instructor can use these benefits and deal with the identified faults. The Internet and intranet hold enormous potential for the rapid dissemination of knowledge and information to a worldwide workforce when utilized correctly. However, online-based education comes with its merits and demerits. Online education comes to extensibility, accessibility and suitability. It means that users can proceed through a training program at their pace and place too. Considering they do not...
6 Pages (1500 words) Research Paper
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