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Online Education Development to Engineering - Essay Example

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There have been an increasing number of comments from parents about children not being diligent in their studies. With the Information Technology's creation of amazing software for games, kids at specific age group level from seven to ten years old have been slightly pulled away from studying to convincing intentions of winning over internet games…
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Online Education Development to Engineering
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Download file to see previous pages A lot of teachers also found the basic methodology of teaching ineffective for students who failed to simply log in their minds the importance of the class subject instead tend to look at the time clock more over books and wait modestly for the lecture to finish and get ahead with their invasive games.
A look at the past methods of teaching cites that the family orientation and discipline of the kids of yesterday were much uncomplicated or rather submissive than the persistent attitudes of the child of today. With the open internet access and government tools inclusive of their hotline numbers placed online for children's rights, parents have declined to put emphasis on structuring discipline and instilling the importance of education on their respective homestead. With the competition of internet chat and games, a lot have been given to these kids and lure them away to the basic truth of nation building, which is obtaining quality education and appropriate school curriculum.
Honestly, the curriculum is not much of a problem for the school administrators and instructors whose endeavors have taken care of the concurrent measures to provide a very impressive standard of education of the most efficient norms that acknowledges quality education. But the difference lies in the methodology of how they pursue in attracting these students to study more without rerouting state of interest to other online games.

Parents and teachers divine, think how we should stay on line too with our aim to navigate these young minds to the fulfillment of our task to educate them in a least classical manner but with an in-depth result. We have to look into consideration of what our kids want. Or why do they like to study this certain kind of subject Then compare them in the macro version of the detrimental effects of online games unrevealed. Or simply defining the worldwide affirmation of being internet game crazy or being just crazy over the huge market of these things unraveled.

The steps that we have to undertake in making an online education system converge with the correct software program are the following:

I. Defining the specific age group of study
This study is intended for children with the age group of seven (7) to ten (10) years old.

II. Defining the needs of the age group on study.
As we go on with the study, we must understand that we cannot simply put on some educational modules or interactive software without first knowing what the children of the specific age group wants. These kids have their own mind set. If we cannot break into it, then it would be better to accept failure with regards to the proposed concept of online education.

Children included in the age group study, characterizes optimum interests to colorful items, either in the imagery of the software program projection, or in the use of the hardware itself, we commonly call as accessories. I prefer to hold the topics of the software and accessories since we are going to touch this in the later part of the study. Children tend to go into acoustic. They need to hear loud sounds that will make them laugh. A specific example is when a character, like a cartoon character, falls into the ground and gives a sound effect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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