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Traditional University Education verses Online Education courses - Essay Example

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Traditional University Education verses Online Education courses Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Submission Date Traditional University Education verses Online Education courses Introduction Traditional University Education involves face to face lectures…
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Traditional University Education verses Online Education courses
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Extract of sample "Traditional University Education verses Online Education courses"

Download file to see previous pages Online education, which is in the category of distance learning, involves studying via the internet (Amy, 2009). There is minimal face to face interaction because all assignments are posted, done, and submitted online. This education best fits those who would not like to disrupt their professional career or personal life. You can do your assignments while you are in your office or home. Your study schedule is done at your convenience or when time is available. Traditional and online university Education have several elements that they share, however, there are certain elements which sets them apart. When considering an educational system, factors such as credit transfer, interaction, cost and convenience are of great importance. This paper seeks to compare and contrast traditional university education system and online education program. It will compare and contrast the cost, convenience, communication means, and interaction in the two programs. Cost In both systems there is a cost that a student must incur. As the world economy grows, the cost of education has always been increasing. However, this factor sets apart the two systems of education. The online education is relatively cheaper than the traditional education system. In the online education system, there is no need for transport funds because you study from home or your office. The textbooks are also available online and you do not need to incur an extra cost of purchasing them. In the traditional universities you need to rent a house or pay for a hostel maybe because of the distance from your place of residence; this is not the case for online education system. A student taking an online course may not need to attend gyms and dining halls. A mother who is breastfeeding will also not require employing a baby sitter if she is attending an online class. These differences make online education system relatively cheaper. Students who are undertaking online education also have access to scholarships, grants, and loans just like their counterparts undertaking traditional education systems. Convenience The flexibility that goes with online university courses makes them more convenient than traditional university programs. Since physical presence is not compulsory you can choose your own time to study your notes or do your assignments. There is no restriction to access of your lecture notes. This module is preferred by those who are working and do not have the time to attend lectures. However, just like the traditional university module, there are deadlines for submission of assignments and without commitment you cannot succeed in this program. The student should exercise discipline and balance his professional and education time. In an online course, you can also choose the period you want to finish your course. This means that you can schedule in more courses so that you can complete your course earlier. In a traditional system, the courses and exams run at a scheduled time and it is hard to take more courses (Best Online Universities, 2013). Communication In both systems communication between the learner and the instructor is vital. In the traditional education system, there is more face to face communication than online communication. Students meet with their instructors in class, they are taught and can ask questions and be answered. They also meet with fellow students: discuss class work, share views, and ideas and can have group work. In the other system, communication bet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Traditional University Education Verses Online Education Courses Essay.
“Traditional University Education Verses Online Education Courses Essay”, n.d.
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