Argument of evaluation: Is online education equivalent in value to the traditional form of classroom education - Essay Example

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More individuals take online classes since it has an overall flexibility along with convenience. Youll be able to sign up for school consultations in the convenience of…
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Argument of evaluation: Is online education equivalent in value to the traditional form of classroom education
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Extract of sample "Argument of evaluation: Is online education equivalent in value to the traditional form of classroom education"

Download file to see previous pages There before, reports involving online learning concluded that this adopted technology was not considerably different from the regular classroom findings when it came to effectiveness. Policy makers argued that if online instructions was not any worse compared to the traditional instructions, then we are justified to conclude that it is better than the face-to-face traditional classroom setting. (Weber and Lennon 13)
There have been so may established sets of criteria standards by which to judge the most effective method of learning. The basis of analysis include cost efficiency or the urge to offer access to students through configurations whereby face-to-face instruction isnt feasible. Other criteria included the period of time given, the quality of a particular study, the introduction of a comparison or a control group, and also the quantitative information of the two groups crucial for analysis. (Friday et al., 66-81).
It’s without any element of doubt that online learning is better than all the other modes of delivery throughout all the institutions. The programs are designed to be of the same quality as the traditional classroom pedagogy. Online learning effectiveness has always been guided by certain principles. The academic standards regarding all the online programs should not vary with those of other programs of courses delivered in the same institution where they are offered. Courses offered online and certificate programs and even online degrees are complete. Students who undertake the online programs receive appropriate learning in terms of the breadth and rigor in the academic qualification awarded.
Students’ satisfaction is a key area to consider while comparing the online education with the face-to-face learning. Students’ satisfaction will reflect all the aspects of the learning program in terms quality. Online learning also facilitates substantive interaction and thus enhancing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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