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Is online education proving to be successful - Essay Example

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Through the digital generation, communication has been easier than ever. Online education is the use of electronic technology in teaching and learning (Mitchell 2010, 23). It is also called…
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Is online education proving to be successful
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Download file to see previous pages Their instructors provide automatic feedback to the students. In most cases, more concern is on learning content rather than communication between the teacher and the students. With this information, the paper will explain how online learning works and analyse whether online education is successful or it is prone to fail in the future.
Online education involves the use of educational technology, information technology, communication technologies and organized electronic media in teaching students. This learning system can occur inside or outside the classroom and can be an instructor-led, self-paced or asynchronous learning. The hallmark of this online education system is that it favors distance learners since it is flexible and has blended learning process (Palloff & Pratt 2007, 44). The system can range from a scale of none online education to complete online education. This system appeals to young learners who embrace technology and E-learning.
Online education became common in the 21st century following the increased demand of people to learn. Most universities offer various online certificates and programs online. It has become an easy and convenient way through which institutions make profit at the same time learners’ benefit from the reduced distance. The system is cheaper and saves much of the time. Access to the internet and the skills of utilizing the system are the principal factors that see success in utilization of online education. May students have graduated with online degrees and masters (Castano-Munoz, Sancho-Vinuesa & Duart, 2013, pg. 245). Others are increasing enrolling for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various institutions. There is an increased competition between various institutions in order to provide the best quality and attract more students. This competition is healthy because it improves the quality of education. Regardless of the efforts done, there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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