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Supporting childrens learning through the curriculum - Essay Example

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Early childhood education requires effective professional development as reflective practitioners that can build and support on government agenda that provides quality program for children and their respective families. This document aims to discuss the role of teachers within…
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Supporting childrens learning through the curriculum
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Download file to see previous pages at many years ago, leaders upholding the significance of education professed that its takes a universe to make a child and a community to educate them. Heaving context from this agenda, leaders of educational institutions weave collaborative partnership with governments, civil society, parents and of the community as multi-stakeholders in upholding the right of children for quality education. This is because much of a nation’s future rest on the children of today. Thus, by assuming accountability for academic excellence and effective integrated services for children, stakeholders must therefore capture a single comprehensive practice for children’s education and other related interventions that could motivate them to continually attend schools.
Miller, Cable, and Goodliff (2009) posit that this millennium will be the most complex and challenging epoch of their profession amid interrelated changes within the social, political, technological, employment patterns, and the impacts of these to school children (p. 1). Due to this, governments are propelled to develop framework and programs to ascertain that needs, problems, and challenges are met adequately. Britain, for instance, established Foundation Stage for early education with integrated plans as schools remodel its system into an Excellence Centers; development of family-friendly workplaces; introduction of Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership; and development of Sure Mart for children beneath four years old (Miller et al., 2009, p. 2). Britain has also developed Qualifications and Curriculum Authority in England inclusive of vocational, occupational and higher level qualifications (Miller et al., 2009, p. 2; Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, 1999). Accreditations were undertaken under this framework.
These demand new roles, accountabilities and opportunities for practitioners taking care for early child education which is prominently tagged by professionals as the most gendered job ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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