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How Good Recruitment Practises Help the Organisation In Achieving a Competitive Advantage - Essay Example

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For this research, McDonald’s has been chosen as the subject for analysis. McDonald’s is the biggest food service company in the world. In 1993, twelve-monthly sales stood at 23 billion dollars. It is also one of the leading employers in the United States, with over half a million workers. …
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How Good Recruitment Practises Help the Organisation In Achieving a Competitive Advantage
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Extract of sample "How Good Recruitment Practises Help the Organisation In Achieving a Competitive Advantage"

Download file to see previous pages The business has roughly 10,000 locations, which consist of the typical sit-in restaurants, drive through windows, and outpost sites. McDonald's supremacy in the fast-food industry is not expected to evaporate anytime soon. The Company is expanding ad infinitum, as in December 2000, McDonald’s and its franchises functioned over 28,700 restaurants wide reaching in 120 countries and terrain, serving food and drab to over 45 million citizens on a daily basis.  Literature Review As per the article ‘Recruitment and Selection’ (2010), it can be said that the recruitment and selection belongs to value added HR processes. The staffing is about the capability of the organization to resource new employees, keep the business in commission, and improve the superiority of the human capital working in the company. The excellence of the recruitment process is the most important driver for the contentment of managers with the services provided by Human Resources Department. The article states that the recruitment is a costly HR Process and it eats a fat percentage of the HR budget. Recruitment is a process of taking into service the outlay of hiring. The competitive HR administration always starts with the competitive enrollment process. The organization builds the competitive advantage with its human resources. The recruitment procedure has to settle on the best sources on the occupation market. The HR recruiters have to make use of the recruitment sources, and the manager has to make the correct and immediate hiring decisions. This is a necessary set-up of the ready-for-action recruitment method. In the world of globalization and liberated market, businesses are facing ever-increasing rivalry and consequently questions on how to guarantee continued existence...
This essay stresses that effective recruitment and selection process can give an association a competitive edge over its competitors by saving both time and expenditure. McDonalds recruits most part of its employees from outside source especially from Newspaper ads that cost them less
This report makes a conclusion that McDonalds should go for online job advertisements, programs in educational institutions to attract qualified part-time workers. It should take into account different factors like cost of living, taxation, family requirements etc. in recruiting people. An orientation session should be organized at the start to give employees a clear picture of the organization and what it expects out of them. Recruitment policy should be exercised and focused on recruiting the best potential people and must ensure that each employee is treated equally with same dignity and respect; it should encourage employees to achieve self-actualization. Briefly it can be concluded that HRM and a company’s ability to attain competitive advantage are strappingly co-related. In today’s highly globalized world it is difficult for an organization to stay at the forefront and pull off a competitive advantage. The capability to attract the talent, select the finest budding and advancement of skills, stirring innovation and retaining the treasured employees will be the key levers for firm’s triumph. Organizations having good HRM managers and using good HRM strategies are prepared for action advantage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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