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Analysis Janes SkyFrance Business - Research Paper Example

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This paper focuses on the second part of Jane’s business SkyFrance. The paper discusses the most appropriate method for Jane to recruit a marketing manager, the stages of the recruitment process, the recruitment advert and the job description and person specification for the position…
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Analysis Janes SkyFrance Business
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Download file to see previous pages According to Kanter (1995), such an action will not constitute an adequate response. This is because success is based on an organization’s ability to create, rather than predict the future by developing those products that will literally transform the way the world thinks and view itself and the needs (Kanter 1995:71).
Section two of the report discusses the strap slogan and the promotional method well suited for Jane’s business. The third section of the report states some reasons while the check-in and booking staff might resist change. The section also discusses how Jane could carry out a change management program using the Lewin’s change management model. The last part of the paper looks at the importance of mission and vision statement and develops strategic pyramid for Jane’s business.
The field of human resource (HR) management is one of the many interesting areas of research that has witnessed a paradigm shift within the last few decades (Huselid, 1995, Doty &Delery 1996). Within this area of research, an increasing body of literature contains the argument that high-performance work practices, including comprehensive employee’s recruitment, selection procedures, incentives compensation, and performance management systems, and extensive employee’s involvement and training can improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of firms (Huselid, 1995).
In the past two decades, methods as to how employers and organizations recruit employees to have changed dramatically. Most employers these days use multiple methods of recruitment, ranging from traditional help-wanted signs to the internet. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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