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CASE STUDY: CAREER /sociology/ theories - Essay Example

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Career/ Sociology/ Theories Name Institution Case study plan The two interviewees in this case study will be Ms. Jane Wanaguskinner and Mrs. Parker Joylin. Ms. Jane is a young woman aged 24 years while Mrs. Parker is an old woman aged 45 years old. Ms. Jane has recently graduated with a bachelor degree in Economics from University of Bangkok Metropolis in 2011…
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CASE STUDY: CAREER /sociology/ theories
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, Mrs. Parker resides in Australia and owns a bakery of her own in Sidney city. Parker is a local resident in Australia, schooled in Sidney and graduated from Macquarie University with a first class honours in Food science. Her bakery business has been a success for the past 13 years. In addition, she has expanded a lot and even gets to fly in and out of the country occasionally for official businesses and vocational trips. Parker is passionate about her work and admits to have dreamt of one day becoming a top chef in Australia. She also admits to have been driven into bakery as a long standing tradition of their family who has been for the past 50 years involved in the business. Case study Analysis The purpose of analysis of the case studies is majorly to explore some of the differences in career decision making processes plus career influences of the two interviewees. There are often many factors which influence career and several theories exist to explain that. According to Wendy 2006, p. 12, commented on the emergence of new theories replacing the traditional theories of career in people’s decision making process. The two interviewees hence in the case studies are Mrs. ...
Ms. Jane on the other hand is a young, energetic woman who recently graduated from campus back in 2011, and has since then been looking for a job. After several unsuccessful attempts, her parents decided to take her to Australia for further studies. In the case study, there are three issues to be discussed: labor market issues, influence and motivation and employability skills. In looking at the motivation and influence of the two interviewees, Ms. Jane lives in Bangkok and came to study in Australia simply because of her parents influence on her. Since Ms Jane is still under the care of her parents, her parents so it best for them to send her to a place which might increase her chance of competing in the Asian Job market (Michael 2001, p. 64). In addition, a Bangkok individual usually has a notion of Western countries paying better plus job access to be easier, the same reason why Ms. Jane was sent by her parents (Brown 2002, p. 56). In addition, the culture in Asia believes that it is the role of their daughter or son to take responsibility to look after their old parents (Kenneth 2012, p. 23). Therefore, Jane’s parents want the best for her so as to ensure she remains stable in life so that she might not have problems when it comes to caring for them (Michael 2001, p. 67). It is for this reason that Jane was motivated to complete her studies in economics from University of Bangkok Metropolis. Therefore, Jane’s parents opted to support all her expenses as an international student plus they had authority over their child. In according to Andries 2006, p. 34, this is what is generally described as a decision based on family hierarchy, parental authority and filial piety. In this form of decision making ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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