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Reflective Statement Introduction In studying under Module ED 2001, there were various information and learning experiences I was able to gain. This learning process has contributed to my personal and professional growth and the skills I have also developed are important and valuable tools for my future practice…
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Reflective Statement on Career Choosing
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"Reflective Statement on Career Choosing"

Download file to see previous pages Body 1. Theories of career choice and the DOTS model of career decision-making Based on the DOTs model, there are four careers education tasks which have to be accomplished by the student in order to ensure the development of opportunity awareness, self awareness, decision learning, and transition learning. Opportunity awareness refers to the assistance given to students in order to enable understanding of the world they are going to enter, the various opportunities therein, the demands that this world shall make of them, and the rewards offered (Law and Watts, 2003). Self-awareness refers to the assistance given to students in order to give them a better sense of self as individuals with unique qualities. Decision learning refers to assistance offered to students to understand the various ways in which their decisions can be made. Finally, transition learning considers the assistance given to students in order to be more aware of the skills they would need to handle transitions they need to take as grownups (Law and Watts, 2003). In terms of opportunity awareness as a future early years teacher, the DOTs model prompts me to understand the work of an early years teacher and the different opportunities open to me in that field. I also need to reflect on the professional requisites this profession has in order to permit me future entry. I would also consider the different demands that teaching in the early years would bring as well as the rewards it would likely offer. It is also appropriate for me to contemplate on alternatives to teaching or social work based on my degree. In relation to self-awareness, I especially enjoy working with children and my joy in working with them also motivates me to consider this profession in the future. Experience in my current work has also given me the chance to experience teaching children and such experience has motivated me further in contemplating teaching in the early years. In terms of transition learning, I was able to learn during the semester about writing personal statements, as well as gaining interview skills. I was able to use these skills in taking into account what happens in assessment centres and details to indicate in application letters. 2). The professional and professionalism: Professions are those which consider the kinds of occupation which are understood to mean ‘professions.’ There may be major and minor professions or primary and secondary professions and the major professions are those which include business management, with primary professions including senior military officers, police chiefs, judges, and teachers and professors (Lester, 2007). Medicine and law are usually counted as professions as well, including architects, engineers, dentists, teachers, accountants, and veterinarians. Professionals have an implied expertise and knowledge of their professions; and he is also one who commits to the principles of the profession, as well as autonomous thought and judgment (Lester, 2007). Professions are also usually recognized by professional bodies as experts in some field of study or skill unique and distinct to their field of practice. Some occupations may be considered professions based on the perspective taken on the subject matter. It is not necessary for a profession to have a professional body. However, such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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