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The challenge expected in becoming part of the DFPS as the RCCL investigator I is the change in environment from my previous occupation to the new position. The challenge would not affect my professional integrity as I have learned to adapt efficiently to changes in life due to…
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Statement of Interest - Residential Child Care Licensing Investigator
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RCCL Investigator I affiliations RCCL Investigator I The challenge expected in becoming part of the DFPS as the RCCL investigator I is the change in environment from my previous occupation to the new position. The challenge would not affect my professional integrity as I have learned to adapt efficiently to changes in life due to the numerous roles that I have performed in my career path. The job is ideal for me as it falls ultimately on my career description and my personal characteristics. The job appeals to me as I get the opportunity to use and demonstrate my abilities to investigate and address issues affecting children in the contemporary society. The job opportunity is also in my personal characteristics of providing an opportunity that is relevant to my professional requirements
My degree in criminology has prepared me adequately for the understanding of applicable laws related to the career needs. My studies have also prepared me analytically to handle complex situations and analyze people critically in establishing their physical and psychological conditions. While developing my investigative skills, I learned appropriate measures to assume where the need arises for the protection of the welfare of others and, in this case, the children. I have extensive communication skills in Spanish and English with a great interpersonal skill to build healthy working relationships. My personal life is defined and separate from my professional path and engaging in complex and time-consuming activities in varied geographic regions would not be a problem.
I like challenging and exceeding my limits and those of my employers in the quality of service delivered. I will use my skills to the best of my ability by working diligently to provide efficient services as required by my roles and obligations. Personally, I hope to increase my presence and activities as an RCCL Investigator while advancing my career in the same. Professionally, I hope to learn from the services of fellow investigators so as to improve my skills in handling cases more efficiently while contributing significantly to the other members of the agency. As an agency, the scope of our responsibilities will be crucial to DFPS where we get to serve a larger segment of the people in need of our help. Read More
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