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Hypothetical Role-play Web Base Discussion - Personal Statement Example

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At the outset, I would like to commend Ryan's interest and involvement in literature which I have been closely observing from the time he began his year as one of my students in Class VII. As is my wont, I got some feedback about Ryan's performance in literature in the previous year from my colleague who had been his English teacher then…
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Hypothetical Role-play Web Base Discussion
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Download file to see previous pages Also, the level and volume of content of these subjects is quite high necessitating more time.
Therefore, students in the first year of the secondary school are not expected to spend more time than required in creative writing. Rather, they are instructed to formalize their writing habits by learning the art of writing essays by the use of the standard format of the introductory opening paragraph, followed by three to four paragraphs which constitute the body of the essay and close it with the concluding paragraph.
They are also trained in the ways of answering objective questions, grammar, letter and report writing, dialogues, interviews. The main intention behind training in the English language and literature in the secondary school is to develop the student's grasping power and communication skills.
Coming back to Ryan, I was initially impressed by the high level of interest your son exhibited in the English subject. He was very keen to get the list of the books to read so that he could get started. However, I could see his expression change when he was told that the syllabus in the secondary school was different from the one followed by the primary school.
From then on, I had begun to note with growing concern that your son's performance in the English subject...
But the issue does not end with change of attitude towards English. Obviously, your son has experienced some disappointment, maybe even disillusionment, with the English subject in his current year.
This is the time when he must be dealt with care and concern. This is also the period to educate the child in the words of St. Francis of Assissi, to, "learn to change what he can, accept what he cannot change, and have the wisdom to know the difference."
Important guidelines
Besides entering the first year of the secondary school, your son is at the stage in life when children begin to exhibit signs of growing up. He wants to do his best but does not know how. He wants to spend more time reading but is unable to do so as the amount of homework he now has does not allow him more time. He wants to concentrate on his studies but finds the disruption caused by a small number of students affects the whole class. He wants to stop them but feels scared of being ostracized. He looks forward to challenging assignments but finds the content and process new and he has to learn these contents and processes before getting to the position of facing the challenges.
In the circumstances, there is little you and I can do to stop your son. After all, boys will be boys. Up to this point of time, they have been good and obedient. In the times to come they must learn to face challenges. They must learn to make their choices and make them wisely. The only way to help them make the right choice is to spend time with them, understand them and show you are there for them.
I am Ryan's English teacher. I am experienced in dealing with my students. I will steer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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