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Career Choices in Water Engineering Career - Assignment Example

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This paper "Career Choices in Water Engineering Career" focuses on the fact that the current generation is characterized by different career specializations due to the advanced nature of life. Teaching curricula have been modified to enhance both academics and extra-curricular activities. …
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Career Choices in Water Engineering Career
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Extract of sample "Career Choices in Water Engineering Career"

Download file to see previous pages The traditional colleges specialized in specific subjects, for instance; there were the engineering, law, and medicine and art schools among others (Brian, 2007). However, modern learning institutions offer both courses but at different departments. All these factors contribute to the adoption of specific careers. Academic researchers have proven that although career selection depends on individuals pieces of training or education, there are chances of one picking career not related to his/her areas of study. This is because we live in a dynamic world where some skills are not necessarily offered in classes but in the practising fields. This work is about the selection of my two favourite careers. It further explains some of the factors I considered before such selections and the like challenges.

Water engineering is one of my favourite careers. A water engineer is required to design and supervise implementations of water-related projects like groundwater explorations, waster water treatment, water supply and water metering among other responsibilities. One has to perform well in the sciences like Physics, Chemistry and mathematics to get admissions in the engineering colleges or universities. Further aspiring water engineer I have been watching engineering documentaries from YouTube among other sources. I have always admired innovations certain peculiar skills to save my county, country and the world as a whole (Broodly, 2006). My passion to be a water engineer was further triggered after watching some families in the developing nations, more so children perishing or even dying out of hunger. I watched some Christian based non-governmental organizations strive to reduce such sufferings through initiating water projects like bore hill drilling, construction of watersheds and rain and stormwater harvesting among other projects. Since then, I kept reading engineering journals from the local and national libraries. I also used my smart phone to access some online materials touching on the engineering field.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Career Choices in Water Engineering Career Assignment - 1.
(Career Choices in Water Engineering Career Assignment - 1)
Career Choices in Water Engineering Career Assignment - 1.
“Career Choices in Water Engineering Career Assignment - 1”.
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