My Work Experiences and My Educational Career - Essay Example

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 The writer of this essay discusses that he has always believed that hard work and helping others are two important principles which help a person become more successful professionals in the corporate world. The essay discusses group synergy translates into outstanding work performance…
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My Work Experiences and My Educational Career
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I have always believed that hard work and helping others are two important principles which help a person become more successful professionals in thecorporate world. In life it is important always to look for professional and educational opportunities that help one obtain better chances. During a past job I held as X-ray screener in the Texas Airport I was always the person at work that was there to provide assistance to my co-workers all the time. Cooperation is a desired work arrangement in which all workers involved gain a benefit. I have learned from my work experiences and my educational career at Tarrant County College that group synergy translates into outstanding work performance and maximum satisfaction for the participants of the group. I have work on several projects as an undergraduate student in which have displayed the ability to interpret both qualitative and quantitative information. I have always had a passion for math, science, and field work. The discipline of electrical engineering provides a good mix of office and outdoor work. It is important always to work cohesively as team to achieve the optimum results. I like designing work. I understand that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve the disciplined required to become an engineer. I have always tried my best at everything life since it perseverance shows true character. Obtaining the educational attainment of an electrical engineering degree is my ultimate professional goal which I planned to achieving by enrolling in a top engineering school.
The world has become a place where the interrelations among nations have become imperative in order for people to survive. The continent on earth that is behind all other in terms of social economical progress is the continent of Africa. I was born and raised in the nation of Sudan. As an African is my obligation to better myself in order to help my families and my people. Africa is one of the poorest nations in the world. In order to improve the well being of a nation education must be a top priority. In Africa only 57% of children are enrolled in primary school and only one in three does not complete school (Fightpoverty, 2006). I want to become a part of the movement and participation needed to change Africa forever. There needs to be a commitment from the private and public section to dramatically increase the investment in education to reach larger sectors of the population. In order to improve the standard of living of Africans we need to build better basic infrastructure such as roads, hospitals, water and sewage systems, and electricity. I want to a part of the collective effort needed to change Africa and improve its infrastructure in order to improve its economy and social well being. Its important also to segregate and protect the land in order to preserve valuable natural resources. Deforestation must be stopped and the used of natural resources regulated to optimize the use of them. I want to help the African nation. In order to get the education I need I must attend a top engineering school such as the University of Texas.
References (2006). Poverty in Africa. Retrieved July 22, 2009 from Read More
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