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Facquier Gas Company - Case Study Example

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For this to be successful, a Gas company to supply the area with Gas has to be recruited from among the 440 companies operating in the area. Fauquier Gas Company was elected among them but…
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Facquier Gas Company
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Extract of sample "Facquier Gas Company"

Download file to see previous pages On top of that an additional 10 miles had to be planned for the following year.
Murphy was tasked with the supply of gas distribution materials like pipes, meters, and fittings and basically all the materials required to make the project a success. The vice-president of the organization was in charge of supply, designing and construction organizations.
While having lunch at the company cafeteria in January, Murphy overheard the Mr. Clive Byers (construction project manager) talking of a new Fauquier Gas Company project. The company had to start construction of a new 3.5 miles gas line in June and it had to be ready by September. For the project to be completed at the expected time, murphy requested Byers to furnish him with the purchase request so he could tender the same to the mills that would be able to accommodate his schedule. However, Byers told him he had to first get Sam Law (design engineer) to complete pipe specification after which Pat Wilson (construction project engineer) approval would give the green light for the start of the project. Only then would Byers send Murphy the purchase request. This consequently required consultation for the project to be completed in time.
The specifications of the pipe that Pat Wilson gave Murphy were a diameter of the pipe being 24 inches with a wall thickness of 0.75 inches with a length of 57 feet. Previously, the pipe used to have wall thickness used to be 3/8 inches while the length was 40 feet plus or minus 5 feet. The new specifications were intended to reduce the stringiness by having a thickness of ¾ inches thickness while increase in length to 57 foot would reduce welding cost.
Wilson had to decide on the wrapper to use on the pipe by making economic considerations. Previously, Fauquier contracted two companies which used coal and pry-tech and were located in Philadelphia and Atlanta respectively.
What worried Mr. Murphy the most is that by April 14th; he had not received the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Facquier Gas Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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