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Management Problem Solving - Facquier Gas Company - Case Study Example

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This paper "Management Problem Solving - Facquier Gas Company" focuses on the Fauquier Gas Company is one of the established 440 gas companies in the United States. The company is operating at times when land use has transformed from the usual agricultural practices to residential. Bill Murphy, the supply manager in charge of all procurement processes…
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Management Problem Solving - Facquier Gas Company
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Extract of sample "Management Problem Solving - Facquier Gas Company"

Download file to see previous pages After making inquiries from the design engineer, Pat Wilson, it became evident to Murphy that the new project would require pipes of different specifications from those used in previous projects. In his opinion, Murphy considered the time span from January to June sufficient in conformity to the mill’s lead-time. However, Murphy had not received such details in April, although the project was scheduled to commence in June, and due for the conclusion in September. The supply management, construction and design organizations were under the headship of the vice-president of operations.
The design engineer, Pat Wilson and construction engineer Sam Law fail to approve the pipe specifications in good time, compelling Murphy to inquire from Wilson, only to realize that the pipes required were of different specifications.
Time had lapsed until April 14, leaving Murphy worried about the limited time for the procurement process of the materials required in a bid to meet the June deadline, the scheduled time for the onset of the project.
One of the possible solutions would involve Murphy consulting with Clive Byers, the project manager and highlighting that the specifications were yet to be communicated. This would compel Murphy to schedule a meeting with Byers as soon as possible. Byers would then inquire from Sam Law and Pat Wilson. After receiving information from them, he would strive to ensure that the specifications are communicated to Murphy. In this solution, Murphy would have acted wisely by not overreaching Byers, since he heard the initial information about the project from him. Byers has the capacity to inquire from the Wilson and Sam Law because he is the project manager, and has the mandate of ensuring that execution of projects occurs within the set timelines. Moreover, this would serve to solve the problem at the lower level without involving higher authority.
Alternatively, Murphy would approach the Charlie Buck, the design superintend, and inquire from him.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management Problem Solving - Facquier Gas Company Case Study.
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