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-ITC - Case Study Example

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ITC chose to improve the production chain for Soybeans through enabling flow of information to the members of the Choupal. The famers could access…
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Case study-ITC
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Extract of sample "-ITC"

Sur Case Study-ITC What was the motivation of ITC in creating e Choupal? ITC decided to focus on the tradition of the villagers to offer a beneficial plan to the villagers in the production process. ITC chose to improve the production chain for Soybeans through enabling flow of information to the members of the Choupal. The famers could access information about soybeans production and market information. The eChoupal was to offer an alternative to the mandi highs and lows of the markets. Making of the ITC hubs more attractive than the competitor, mandi was another objective of ITC (Upton 2).
What were the flaws of the physical products before and after the eChoupal initiative? What were the information flaws before and after the eChoupal?
A prominent flaw in the physical products was the quality and quantity before the launch of the eChoupal. This was as a result of lack of information. This changed after eChoupal. One of the key information flaws prior and post eChoupal includes weather information that was not accurate. The meteorological department was the only authority that could provide weather information, which did not include the interior regions (Upton 12). After consultation, during the facilitation of the eChoupal, Market information remained undisclosed to the famers before the eChoupal. There were minimal information flaws after eChoupal. ITC increased the turn over as compared to mandi.
What principles did ITC employ as it developed the eChoupal? What barriers did ITC face as it embanked on this project?
The principle employed by ITC includes comprehension and improvement of the production and supply chain. The supply chain was increased from the traditional mandi to an alternative eChoupal. This became possible through the provision of avenues to increase supplies. A barrier faced by eChoupal includes lack of completely taking over the markets. eChoupal continued to buy half of the soybeans from the mandis. Price instability is another challenge faced in the project (Upton 14).
Work cited
Upton David. The ITC eChoupal initiative. 15 january 2004. Web 27 october 2014 Read More
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Case Study-ITC Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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