Creating a Motivating Work Setting - Essay Example

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In the present days, employers often face dynamic and increasing challenges. Business environment pressures, rising healthcare expenses and requirements of the employees have placed management in a difficult situation. …
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Creating a Motivating Work Setting
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Download file to see previous pages Creating a work environment that maintains employee job satisfaction as well as motivates people towards exceptional performance is one of the fundamental roles of leaders to play. Recently, a survey was conducted by the Conference Board, which specified that only 45% of Americans are really satisfied with their work, the least record ever observed by the Conference Board in about 22 years of research (Chartcourse, 2011). Organizations which are not able to implement an adequate improved job satisfaction are at tremendous risk of losing their talented personnel to the existing competitive market. Leaders are entitled with huge responsibility of sustaining their talented employees by providing them with motivating elements. McDonald's is a renowned name of restaurants functioning globally. McDonald's is an American based company. The company is counted amongst the largest restaurant businesses and considered as part of the American life style. An estimate of its current global workforce would be around 1.5 million people, and 10 million people are estimated to have worked for the corporation, since its formation (McDonald's, 2011). The increasing expansion abroad appears to be the sound answer to an increasing economical market in the USA, where McDonald's is no longer trying to expand but is instead trying to increase the sales of existing restaurants. McDonald's is a service-oriented company where their products and personnel act as their face to their consumers. Therefore, providing them with satisfactory atmosphere is an essential aspect of motivation. In order to sustain in this competitive market, McDonald's has come up with strategies and development programs for motivating employees and polishing leadership qualities. In the paper, the motivation strategies of the organization and the effective techniques of leadership adopted by McDonald's will be analyzed. Case Example-McDonald’s The culture of any organization plays a very vital role in motivating employees. Work culture of McDonald's is highly dependent on the unit manager in charge at any particular time (Goldman, 2009). The most essential thing that any unit manager can do to create a motivated environment is to make sure that work performed by the employees is in accordance to strategies prepared. The unit managers need to ensure that the work performed by the employees is productive in nature with the point of view of the company. The responsibilities of leaders; in this case the unit managers or the line mangers, are intense in nature. Motivation does not mean employees doing their work accordingly when the manager is around but is what employees do when the manager is not around. A good leader is the one who does not only gives order but also welcomes feedback from employees. Managers are usually supposed to use position and power and adopt a telling style of leadership considering the employees are inexperienced and young. And, certain managers are found of running the departments in mechanical way, mostly during peak business stage. Though, in quite a few cases managers were comparatively relaxed and at times were not different from their employees. Certain managers welcome the ideas of their employees, making them feel important. In this process, good ideas are generated and conceived whereas also add to the motivational factors in the organisation (Goldman, 2009). Generally, the managers avoid any strong vertical barriers themselves and between their employees. Motivation can be of four types such as extrinsic and intrinsic, and negative and positive. Extrinsic motivation is when one is working according to others’ will and intrinsic motivation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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