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This essay answers the question what is professionalism? It is a term that has undergone a great deal of scrutiny and redefinition in the recent past. The online version of the Oxford English Dictionary defines professionalism as “the competence or skill expected of a professional”…
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What does Professionalism Mean to You
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"What does Professionalism Mean to You"

From this discussion it is clear that solicitors in every country complete several years’ postgraduate training, and some even participate in unpaid internships to perfect their craft. They must have passing scores on their countries’ respective bar examinations in order to prove that they have the necessary knowledge to practise law. No court in the world would let an individual without the accepted credentials try to pass him/herself off as a professional solicitor. Suppose an electrician were to walk into the middle of a trial and declare himself the new counsel for the defense. Such an individual would not be taken at all seriously. A requirement for professionalism is that the professional be sufficiently trained to do the job he/she is attempting to do.This tudy highlights that physicians are sworn to secrecy regarding the medical conditions of their patients. They must maintain patient-doctor confidentiality at all costs. This code is also relevant to therapists and lawyers. The moral obligation to help, and not harm, another individual is what sets the professional apart. Anyone can go after his/her own desires, but it takes a special sort of person to consider the needs of others before he/she considers him/herself. This is a key aspect of professionalism. Dedication to the task at hand is the mark of a true professional. This can be seen most clearly in the business world. Suppose a shopkeeper decides that he wants to sleep late instead of going in to open his store early in the morning. Read More
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