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Reflective practitioner - Essay Example

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The reflective practitioner Name Institution Date Personal reflection According to Nansen, we constantly live in an environment that is surrounded by risks that are meant for us to take. Everything we get to engage in involves a certain type of risk. This will involve from business activities, to personal decisions we that we must make in life…
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Reflective practitioner
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"Reflective practitioner"

Download file to see previous pages In this case, I cannot take the risk of not working hard with thinking that a miracle will happen, and I will pass. This is the exact thing that gets to happens in the world of sports. For a team to prosper, its members must take many risks that always make them get injured. We cannot fear taking risks because on one side lies getting injure. We should learn to look at the bright side that success lays. In reference to outdoor kinetic experience, different people get to have different experiences on different adventures. For example, one may vie fishing as a leisure activity; just for fun, while another person on the same boat will take fishing as a toll for measuring progress in that the other time he or she got two, this time the person wants to get three or four. This is what applies to people in the contemporary society. For example, I may consider education valuable because it will help me get a career while another person in the same class as me considers it necessary because it will help him or her get more knowledge and not for career entry. According to John Rawls, every living thing should have the capacity to define a life plan. Different people get to hold different perspective in life. ...
I tend to think that in the present age, despite having a life plan, a person is not sure he or she will be able to follow it as intended. This is because life brings along many bottlenecks that one gets to redefine the position of the life plan they once drafted. Handling different types of data Data is the most valuable asset that an organization may have. It is due to this fact that information systems are made, so as to ensure efficient analysis of the data, its storage and security. As a professional individual, it is crucial that one knows how to handle and present data, portraying the intended information analysis. Below we get to analyze a data from a survey on availability of university school courses and other dependent factors. Figure 1: Data University’s Business School Course Availability Survey Category Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree Will you be satisfied if more sections are offered 0 2 9 9 13 Will you be more successful 4 3 12 7 7 Do you prefer to take business cources in the UCD 1 3 16 5 8 Sum 5 8 37 21 28 Average 1.666666667 2.666667 12.3333 7 9.333333333 Median 1 3 12 7 7 standard deviation 2.081665999 0.57735 3.51188 2 3.214550254 Figure 2: pictorial representation Pictorial representation of data is important due to a myriad of factors. The first reason is for easy analysis (AGRESTI, 2002,78). We can all conform that it is easier to deal that that is represented on a bar graph, rather than using the one on the spreadsheet. The second reason is for presentational purposes; when is representing data say to board of directors, it will be hard for them to conceptualize the progress of a company using raw data on a spreadsheet than on a bar graph. However, it is pertinent to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective Practitioner Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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The Reflective Practitioner
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