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Identifying a Research-Worthy Problem - Coursework Example

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These ethical principles serve as a guideline to bring consistent professionalism among the students and future practitioners. In the field of…
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Identifying a Research-Worthy Problem
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Download file to see previous pages ’s rights and dignity as some ethical standards that I possess in my actions as a psychology student, a human and may contribute to the development of a professional in the field of psychology. This paper will further define the aforementioned concepts by reflecting on their application in the professional life of a psychologist.
The three major guiding principles for ethical behavior in the field of psychology are Fidelity and Responsibility, Integrity, and Respect for people’s rights and dignity. The term Fidelity and Responsibility guides the way of professional psychologist toward building trusting relationships with the people they deal with. The psychologists, as a result, are expected to understand the standards of their scientific or practical work, must know their roles and responsibilities, understand the boundaries of professional behavior and conduct, and must be aware of conflict of interest that exists in their profession to be properly managed for the best interest of people they interact with in the professional capacity.
The term integrity refers to the need of upholding accuracy, honesty and truthfulness in the practical and theoretical contributions made by psychologists (American Psychological Association, 2003). In simpler words, it refers to the avoidance of misrepresentation, deception and unlawful use of facts in carrying out activities as a psychology professional (Behnke 88), . The exceptions where misrepresentations are allowed should still be considered under the ethical lens with respect to the cost-benefit analysis of the misrepresentation and must not fall beyond the responsibility or role of the psychologist harming the reputation of the profession or the organization thereof.
Lastly, the principle guiding to have Respect for people’s rights and dignity disallows activities and behaviors that harm the dignity of individuals or may violate their rights to confidentiality and individualistic information that may harm the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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