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Question 1: You know that you typically never give employees gifts; however, one of your employees is constantly giving you gifts for holidays, birthdays, and boss’s day. If you know that exchanging gifts is not, encouraged at your company, would you accept these gifts?…
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Unit Assessment 5 professionalism
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Unit Assessment 5-Professionalism Professionalism Question You know that you typically never give employees gifts; however, one of your employees is constantly giving you gifts for holidays, birthdays, and boss’s day. If you know that exchanging gifts is not, encouraged at your company, would you accept these gifts? Explain in detail. 
A gift is an important aspect of fostering relationships between individuals. In an organization where giving out of gifts is not encouraged it is unadvisable to offer them to employees. However, when offered a gift in such an environment, it is not easy to know the best approach, that is, whether to accept the gift or not. In my company where gifts are not encouraged, I would accept for any gifts offered but work towards ensuring that policies of the organization are well understood to ensure that the person does not offer gifts in the future. The fact that the employee has been offering gifts for a long time may indicate two things. Firstly, the employee may not be aware of the policy regarding gifts (DuPont, 1998). Secondly, he/she may just be ignorant and not care of the consequences of going against the organizational policies. To address these issues, I would strive to have the organizational policies understood by all the staff members by sharing on their emails as well as through communication through supervisors. This way, the employee targeted will not feel victimized and will most likely stop the act. The other step that may be taken is through training to all staff members on different policies as well as offering written policies upon signing of contracts for new employees (Malin, 2000). In the event that such measure do no work on an employee, it is important to communicate the policy to the affected employee directly to ensure that they stop the habit from becoming widespread within the organization against the policies.
 Question 2: If you are assigned a supervisory role at work, how can you motivate employees to become excited about assuming additional responsibilities?
  Motivation is important in ensuring that staff members work and deliver maximally in an organization. As a supervisor, working with a motivated group makes it easy to achieve organizational goals. It also reduces many problems, which may arise from internal conflicts, lack of communication and poor performance (DuPont, 1998). One of the most important methods of motivating employees is through offering a nurturing environment at the work place. A nurturing environment makes employees feel that they are cared for and that their welfare is well considered by the organization (Anderson and Bolt, 2011). For instance offering free counseling services for employees may be a good step towards a nurturing environment and a workforce, which is ready to take up more responsibilities.
Encouraging and promoting personal growth is an important measure towards a motivated workforce (Malin, 2000). This can be through offering trainings and development opportunities for the employees as we as through promotions and salary increments for outstanding performance. Through training, employees can also be offered time management training where they will be able to undertake tasks in a timely manner allowing for more tasks within a given timeframe (DuPont, 1998).
Lastly, a supervisor should empower employees to take make decisions relating to their work to ensure that they do not require constant supervision and task delegation. Through empowerment, the employees are able to take up more tasks even when they are being supervised (DuPont, 1998). Further, people do not like to be commanded and given instructions hence, having an empowered workforce may mean better performance from the employees.
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