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In any work place, conflicts are bound to take place because different people have different values, needs, interests and goals (Anderson & Bolt, 2011). There are different conflict management styles. They include forcing, avoiding, compromising, accommodating, and…
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Unit 6 Assessment professionalism
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Unit 6 Assessment: Conflict Management Conflict Management Question In any work place, conflicts are bound to take place because different people have different values, needs, interests and goals (Anderson & Bolt, 2011). There are different conflict management styles. They include forcing, avoiding, compromising, accommodating, and collaborating. Forcing is when a person uses the power or authority he /she has to get his own way despite the other party’s objections. This strategy is aggressive, uncooperative. Avoiding means that a person does not pay attention or attempt to resolve conflicts. He or she does not address either his/her interests or those of the other party involved. The person simply withdraws from the whole situation or sidesteps it. Compromising refers to when a person looks for a solution that works for both of the parties concerned in the conflict. It is sort of loose- loose situation where both parties cooperate and work together to get a solution. Accommodating means taking in the other party’s concerns more than your own. It has a higher level of cooperation than assertiveness and is a perfect style when the other party is an expert in the situation leading to the conflict. Collaborating is when both parties in conflict work jointly to tackle the situation and come up with the best resolution to the situation. This style has equal levels of cooperation and assertiveness.
In most conflict management situations, I prefer the collaborating strategy of conflict management because it comes up with a resolution that is mutually satisfactory to both parties in a situation. This is a win-win situation. Collaborating is still the best style in my opinion especially when it involves a long-term relationship, and it means that the problem will be actually solved. Conflict management means preventing unproductive conflicts in the work place and addressing those conflicts that cannot be prevented (Raines, 2013).
Question 2:
Burnout is a condition of emotional, psychological, and bodily fatigue caused by extreme and extended stress. It comes about when a person feels weighed down and incapable to meet regular demands. As the stress builds up, the levels of motivation and productivity reduce. It leads to distrust and indifference. Some of the signs of burn out I would be on the lookout for including frequent fatigue and feeling drained most of the time. This means that the person feels a lack of energy and feels emotionally and physically exhausted. Another sign is that the person has reduced concentration and higher levels of forgetfulness. This later leads to a point where your work seems to be piling up and does not seem to get finished. Other signs include work and life disparity, increased irritability, a change in appetite and sleep patterns and unsolved headaches and backaches. To overcome the condition one should slow down, increase your energy and brighten up you mood. Exercise and taking a sabbatical leave is always a good way to do this. In addition, one should not allow stress to follow them past the workplace door (DuPont, 1998).
I do believe that continuing to work for a lengthy period in a job where you are not motivated is destructive not only to you, but also to others in the company. This is because unmotivated employees are likely to spend little or no effort in their jobs meaning that their work is low quality, and they keep away from the workplace as much as possible. This means that the low quality work will have to be redone by another employee and when they leave that means, someone else has to take up their workload. People who are motivated have a high self esteem and hold others also in high regard (Raines, 2013).
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Raines Susan S. (2013). Conflict Management for Managers: Resolving Workplace, Client, and Policy Disputes. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Read More
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Unit 6 Assessment Professionalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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