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Lakewood Police Department Washington, one of the ideal police force of the century, has gained world wide admiration for its community support outreach. The Lakewood Police Department operates a great array of programs for the reduction of crime rates, prevention of narcotics…
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Lakewood WA Police Department
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Download file to see previous pages It successfully communicates with people from different backgrounds and also provides vital information, advice, and any time police assistance. Unlike the other police forces, Lakewood Police Department is unique for its objectives and functions. Lakewood police force is specially made for the enforcement of civil and criminal laws, holding the position of court compliance office and community service office, animal control, juvenile code enforcement etc.
As per the ordinance No. 00471, the Police Department operates under the direction of City’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer, the Chief of Police, subject to the supervision of the City Manager. The Chief of the Police is appointed by the City Manager in accordance with the law and policies of city of Lakewood. In accordance with the relevant laws all other subordinates shall be appointed by the Chief (Ordinance No. 00471.City Council meeting minutes of March 17 2008). According to the regulation in Lakewood police, there are five office assistants, two evidence custodians, one crime analyst, one fleet manager, one evidence supervisor, one administrative assistant, one administrative supervisor and one administrative lieutenant all of whom contribute to the daily workings of the department (Administrative Unit). However the strength of the whole department has increased in the 21st century: “Lakewood’s 21st century department has 131 staff members, 105 commissioned, 12.5 community service officers, 2 animal control officers and 13.5 civilian support staff” (About the Department).
The Department is divided in to several divisions for its smooth functioning. Among them Criminal Investigation Unit is one of the outstanding wings which includes Robbery Assault Unit, Special Assault Unit, Special Operations Unit and The School Resource Officer Program.
Crime against persons like murder, robbery, kidnapping and missing cases come under the Robbery/Assault unit. The Special Assault ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lakewood WA Police Department Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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