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Workplace harassment and discrimination are any unsolicited behaviors that are founded on ethnicity, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender, nationality, age, disability, or genetic information in the workplace. Discrimination means that the person is treated less favorably…
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Unit Assessment 3 professionalism
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Professionalism Professionalism Question Workplace harassment and discrimination are any unsolicited behaviors that are founded on ethnicity, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender, nationality, age, disability, or genetic information in the workplace. Discrimination means that the person is treated less favorably than the other people. Discrimination can take place in hiring and firing, offering terms of employment, offers for training and even during promotions. Discrimination includes making ethnically offensive jokes, sexual advances, and sending, sexually explicit emails. According to Anderson& Bolt (2010), Human associations are the connections that take place with and through people. These interactions create relationships. Each state in the US has its own laws concerning discrimination. For any company, it is important to maintain a workplace that is free from any type of discrimination.
Workplace harassment and discrimination may reduce productivity and lowers the employees’ morale. It is, therefore, very important for both management and the staff to work together to reduce this vice. To reduce workplace discrimination and harassment in the workplace, employees can ask the management to put in a formal complaints process just in case there is not one. Employees should not let things go out of hand and should seek assistance from their supervisor or the human resource department if they witness a case of workplace discrimination or harassment. In addition, employees gets hired into an organization they should go through the policies laid down so as not to participate in any acts that may seem like harassment or discrimination. Employees should always report any forms of harassment or discrimination through the proper channels so that employers can deal with the cases and reduce cases of lawsuits and low productivity. According to DuPont (1998), everyone in an organization should always be professional.
Question 2
For the most, part we notice different thing about people. According to Nelson (2004), one main aspect that we notice about others is their age. Some people may form prejudicial opinions based on this. Most employers are prejudiced when it comes to the older generation. An employee may feel as though they are being discriminated against due to their age when a promotion that they feel they were meant to get is given to a younger employee who does not have the necessary skills to take up that position. The employee may have the necessary skills and more than enough work, experience and still be passed off during an offer for a promotion.
Such prejudice against people who are above a certain age is a form of workplace discrimination referred to as ageism. “Some categories of attitudes towards others are based on age. They can be characterized by prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping” (Nelson, 2004). In some organizations, some employers do not hire applicants who are above a certain age. This is a form of discrimination because they are not hiring the applicants because they lack the necessary skills but due to their age. The older generation is perceived as not being able to learn new things. When it comes to promotions and trainings, most employees prefer to go with the younger employees who according to them can adapt more easily to technological changes compared to the older employees. They are also perceived as a waste of company resources when taken for trainings as they may not be there for long enough to use the acquired skills.
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Unit Assessment 3 Professionalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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