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Personal Class Design Project-Part I Instructor Institution Date Personal Class Design Project-Part I An Electrocardiogram (EKG) Course The electrocardiogram course will be comprised of two hour sessions to cover a total of four hours of the course…
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Personal Class Design Project
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Download file to see previous pages To attain ability of collaborative and patient centered care in the measurement of electrocardiogram Effect of Hospital Philosophy on the EKG Course The vision and core values of the hospital are within the framework of collaborative patient care and ensuring that the health care management is patient centered. Moreover, the hospital endeavors to provide learners within the health care system with exceptional training and education with a view of ensuring that there is high quality of care in addition to creativity and innovativeness in patient management and care. In This regard, the hospital with provide a conducive learning environment in addition to experienced practitioners who would act to guide and train the learners. Additionally, the hospital experience will enable learners to achieve skills and knowledge in collaborative and patient centered care. More importantly the students will be enabled to apply this knowledge during the practical experience at the hospital. The hospital as the institutional sponsoring the course will be accredited with the responsibility of ensuring that the learners achieve the expected outcomes. Additionally, the health care expertise within the cardiology department will be involved in the assessment of the progress of the learners. Class Needs Assessment The performance in applying skills and knowledge on electrocardiogram measurement and reporting will be assessed with an aim of determining possible inadequacies so that the trainer will be able to know where more emphasis needs to be laid. Nonetheless, the assessment of the students must be focused at ensuring that the skills and knowledge that they acquire is purely applied to ensure the safety of the patient (Wittmann-Price and Fasolka, 2010). Therefore, the needs of students for information and experience in management of patients during electrocardiogram measurement are achieved through proper assessment. It is important that the students are accorded the opportunity of applying collaborative practice in fulfilling the safety needs of the patient. Description of the Class The class is comprised of diverse students with a common view and goal of achieving creativity and critical thinking in the management of patients during electrocardiogram measurement, reporting of results and effective conversation with the patient. Therefore, the class aims at achieving the necessary psychomotor skills in the handling of the electrocardiogram machine and its accessories. In discussing the results of the electrocardiogram, students require to apply their cognitive abilities to ensure high quality in care. The learners are willing to actively participate in the learning activities by attending the sessions and collaborating with the instructors and health care staff within the hospital during the whole learning experience. The class has been given the objective and outcomes of the course to have a guiding framework for the course. Additionally the class is ready for a participatory learning experience to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the achievement of the learning objectives. In this regard, the class is aware of their obligations in adherence to the legal and policy frameworks of the hospital in addition to their obligations of being assessed. Target Audience The members of the hospital who include the staff in the cardiology department including the emergency care professionals within the emergency department and the intensive care unit and the telemetry ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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