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It forms the framework for discovering an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It also offers the individual an insight to what they can achieve in life. For professionalism and career…
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Would Of Work
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Personal ment, Engineering, and Construction Personal ment, Engineering, and Construction Self-awareness is among the fundamentals of success in the life of an individual. It forms the framework for discovering an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It also offers the individual an insight to what they can achieve in life. For professionalism and career development, it is important that one discover what they can do. It gives a benchmark for what areas one needs to improve so that they can be what they want. In this work, I describe my strengths, values, relationship with others and my plans as a future Electrical and Electronic Engineer.
Understanding Myself
I have three main strengths that will help me shape my career aspirations. The first among the three is my high level of tolerance and patience. I think this factor is the aspect that many people lack in life, and what makes them give up on things they could otherwise attain. I am always determined to get the best out of what I do. I have a conviction that such a character will make me suit my career field because my father tells me that patience is the basic of all things. Electrical and Electronic Engineers require having patience while they carry out projects and remain optimistic that they will make it even while they face stressful situations.
The second factor that defines my strength is the natural talent in operating machinery and other appliances. I have been helping my father to repair some equipment such as television and fixing the lighting since the time I was only six years. I feel that such an experience has contributed my commitment to working with machinery and electricity. I always wish I could design the electric systems of a building someday. The last of the three strengths is my family background. I get much motivation from my parents in all things that I do. I have learned to admire as my role models. They always tell me that I can be whomever I wish to if I work hard. My father, in particular, gives me much support especially when I told him about my dream being an engineer.
My skills include my proficiency in mathematics and science-related subjects. I have a liking for the two because I know they contribute to better mastery of concepts that will make someone an excellent engineer. I like helping my classmates in solving problems related to the two fields, and that helps me to improve my competencies. I always feel that my mathematics skills will help me to calculate one or two things when I will finally work for a company.
Work Values, Motivation, Drive, and Energy
I have worked and developed work values of professionalism, reliability, and innovation. I feel that if anyone should work for a company or as a civil servant, then they should exhibit high levels of professionalism. For instance, I have consciousness about the codes of ethics because I believe they are the core for any profession. For that reason, I have always reminded myself to stick to the regulations of the college and respect my parents. Maintaining professionalism will help me to avoid involvement in unlawful acts, which may ruin my career. I am a reliable person, driven by time consciousness. Such an attribute will help me to finish my assignments on time when I will get my job and work under little supervision. I always work at inventing the best approaches to solving challenges, which I meet in life. I know the work of an engineer involves high levels of innovation and creativity, which I always strive to maintain. When I was still in my middle school, I received an award for the most talented in the school after I wrote the best essay. I also received an honor for being a champion in steering environmental management programs.
My Relationship with Others
I have amicable relationships with my classmates because I do not discriminate against anyone. As much as not everyone in my class is my friend, I do not hate anyone. I work with anyone especially during group work. Everyone in the group always wants me to be the team leader because I engage them in the projects. I remember dealing with one of my group members who could not listen to my instructions. He did not want to concentrate during an outdoor project work. I asked the tutor to talk to him, and luckily, he listened. I found out that the best way, of dealing with difficult people, is to report them to the relevant authorities.
My Plans
I am working tirelessly to put my life in line with my career ambitions. I want to improve my research skills because I know my future will involve a lot of research. I want to train in Public Relations so that I may learn to relate effectively with people in the future. I also want to help the college come up with a charitable Kitty for assisting in managing the environment. Environmental management is a concern for all organizations because nature supports human life. I feel that there should be as much effort as possible to manage the environment. I consider that engineers should drive the public to maintain the environment and help invent methods, which would reduce pollution and degradation of the environment.
In conclusion, I hope to be an Electrical and Electronics Engineer because I am a patient and tolerant person. I know such attributes will make me endure difficult times in my work. My liking for operating machinery and the support of my family gives me an advantage of maintaining focus and determination. I hope to continue helping my classmates to solve problems in mathematics and science because they form a fundamental part of what defines an engineer. Working for an organization requires that one becomes as professional as they can. For this reason, I have learned to stick to instructions and observation of codes of ethics. I also want to train in Public Relations so that I can learn the how to relate with people of diverse backgrounds. Read More
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